Barney's Legacy is a theatrical film. It serves as a celebration of the Barney Franchise's many years as well as introducing many characters and elements that would be carried over to Barney & Friends and Our Special Friend Barney.

Plot SummeryEdit

Ben Leach is a single divorced father who's going through the biggest problem with his life. An eviction notice

In stress he uses his imagination which brings Barney to life who tries his best to help Ben during this hard time as well as trying to help keep the bond between Ben and his son Matthew and to show him the wonders of imagination and how it isn't just for kids 

Cast (In Order)Edit

  • Barney 
  • BJ (Cold Open only)
  • Baby Bop (Cold Open only)
  • Riff (Cold Open only)
  • Ben Leach 
  • Ben's Boss
  • Matthew 
  • Mary White
  • May
  • Jimmy
  • Kristy
  • Karen
  • Unamed Guitar Player
  • Unamed Homeless Man
  • Mitch
  • Dave
  • Mr Belding's Secetary  
  • Unamed Teacher
  • Clara 
  • Mr Belding
  • Andrea
  • Jacob
  • Mr Leach
  • Mr Canoli
  • Mario Canoli

Song ListEdit

  1. Barney Theme Song (Snippet)
  2. Imagine A Place
  3. Pumpernickel
  4. Together,Together
  5. A Friend Like You
  6. Turkey In The Straw (Barney's Version)
  7. Old Brass Wagon
  8. If You're Happy and You Know It 
  9. Our House
  10. If All The Raindrops
  11. Just Imagine
  12. I Love You 
  13. Barney-The Song (End Credits)
  14. Someone To Love You Forever (End Credits)
  15. Friends Are Forever (End Credits)


  • This film takes a diffreant approach to the brand. Unlike the series which is aimed primarly at preschoolers this film goes for a family musical comady 
  • This is the second Barney film and the only one to recive a PG rating
  • As per the name there are various refrences to Barney's history (Including a few to the previous film) 
  • BJ,Baby Bop and Riff do not appear in the film due to the plot primarly focusing on Ben and Barney's interactions and evelution. They do however appear in the films cold open as well as appearing as plushes in the film proper
  • Many songs are extended and re haromnized (Plus all but the songs from Country Fair scene and "If All The Raindrops:are done with a Orchestra)
  • This marks the first time since 2001 where Dean Wendt doesn't voice Barney (The voice actor in this film will also reprise the role in both series)

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