*We open the film with a shadow rama effect as 4 similar shadows walk in (3 of them sitting down in the theater seats*

Barney:Looks like we made it just in time! And just look at this crowd

BJ:Yeah it seems everybody wanted to see your new movie Barney

Riff:I just hope you won’t forget us little people

*The 4 dinos laugh*

Barney:Very funny Riff but you know I’d never forget any of  you

*Scene transits to a purple and green variant of the Universal logo*

Baby Bop:Look! It’s starting

Barney:Let’s be quiet so everyone can enjoy the film

The Little Dinos:OK

*Shadowrama seats and shadows  fades away*

*Film opens up with a recreation of the Gen 1 theme*

Ben’s Voice:If there’s one word that can sum up my life it’d be “Imagination” and who better to teach me about imagination back in the day……...Than Barney?

*Theme transits to a little boy watching it on a CRT television while holding 3 plush toys with the subtitle “1994” downbelow*

Ben’s Voice:Why I ate this stuff up back in the 90’s I’ll never know. Actually, I don’t think any kid at the time knows WHY we ate it up we just did. Maybe it was the happy go lucky tone,Maybe it was the songs,Maybe it was the kids who was almost as happy and hyped up in sugar as the main character and his other friends….It was a magical show and made us kids believe that life is all sunshine and rainbows

*Camera zooms into the boy’s face*

Ben’s voice:Unfortunately……

*The boy’s face transits to the boy now as an adult looking tired and annoyed at his job as the theme song dies down*

Ben’s voice:We grew up……

*The boss comes in handing Ben some papers*

Boss:Leach,Work on these tonight be late on this one like the others and you're fired

Ben:Yes sir

*The Boss leaves as Ben kicks the bottom wall putting a dent on it*

Boss's voice:You're paying for that!

Ben (Under breath):Because lord forbid you can’t afford to fix it…….

*Ben leaves the office as he leaves the building,Getting into his car and driving home*

Ben’s voice:I had a dream that I would be happily married; with a dream job and a dream car. But instead, reality hit me with no wife, being laid off from my previous job and my dream car never even came around

*Scene transits to Ben walking into his house noticing his son Matthew watching “Let’s Make Music”*

“Whatever. It’s just a silly dream….”

Ben:I know the feeling, kid……..

*Ben notices a package from his ex wife for Matthew,He picks up the note attached*

Ben: Was going through our old house and found an old friend of yours for Matthew,Best of luck for the future,May

*Ben picks up the package and walks into the living room*

Ben:Hey sport Mom sent you something

*Ben hands his son the package*

*Matthew opens the package and pulls out a Barney doll*

Matthew:Cool……..It’s Barney! Isn’t he  awesome Dad?

Ben:...........Yeah, he sure is buddy……..Hey, I got some work to do. Why don’t you get ready and we’ll get something to eat before I start?


*Matthew puts the doll on the couch as he pauses the DVD and goes upstairs*

*Ben sits on the couch and picks up the doll*

Ben:So we meet again………...What does my son see in you? I mean...Look at you! You look like Dino rolled in finger paint

Matthew’s voice:Dad?

Ben:Coming! Why do I have a gut feeling that something’s going to get weird by having this in the house?

*Ben puts the doll back on the couch as he gets up and leaves the room*

*A faint chuckle is heard coming from the doll*

*Scene transits to Ben and Matthew inside the restaurant as an employee hands Ben his food*

*Ben looks in the bag*

Ben:Hey! You forgot our fries!

*Employee throws the fries at Ben*

Ben:Thank you

*Ben and Matthew walk to the condiments section of the restaurant*

Ben:.........So how’s school going?

Matthew:Alright I guess……….Hey dad can you help me with a volcano project? It’s due Friday and my teacher said this’ll be the final chance to get a passing grade

Ben:I’d love to sport but I’m busy all this week

Matthew:......You're always busy

Ben:I know Matthew but I’m working hard so we can get food on the table

Matthew:Yeah I’m sure the dollar cheeseburger on this table had alot of hard work put into it……

Ben:You’ll understand when you're older

*Matthew’s teacher walks up behind Ben*

Ben:And besides teachers always say things like that to get kids like you to do your homework it’s all a bunch of s-

Ms White:Mr Leach!

Ben:Stuff you need to learn…..Which is why you should do the project yourself to build character how are you this evening Ms White?

Ms White:You can find out tomorrow when you visit my classroom I’m sure you remember where it is…..It’s only been what? 2 weeks since you got fired from the facilities?  

Ben:Yes mam…..You have a good night

Ms White:You to

*Ben walks away right unto a wet spot on the floor*

Ms White:Oh and by the way look out for

*Ben slips and falls on the pavement*

Ms White:That

*Scene transits to Ben driving back home and noticing a certain piece of paper on his door*

Ben’s voice:If you haven’t pieced it together yet my life isn’t necessarily the best…..But this night was probably the worst night of my life

Ben:Dear Ben Leach we unfortunately have to deliver this bad news that if you don’t pay this month's bills by Saturday we will have to evict you

*Ben crumbles the paper and throws it on the floor,Walking into the house with Matthew*

Ben’s voice:Usually with this type of threat I always have a plan B…..Buuut

*Scene transits to Ben on the phone with May his ex wife who is away on business in Peru*

May:Ben we’ve been over this while I’m away in Peru I can’t send money overseas

Ben:But a doll rotting in our attic was more important?

May:To give our son a friend when you're away? Yeah

Ben:I thought we planned to ease him out of this Barney thing

May:That was your plan and please stay on topic Ben…...What happened to that 2 grand loan I gave you before I left?

Ben:I…..Uhh made some bad investments

Ben’s voice:Translation:I was unlucky on a Vegas trip

May:I’ll try my best to hop a plane and help you out…..No guarantees though The peace corps is already mad at me for sending that package….You can get through this Ben you just have to use your imagination and get creative on how to get the money

Ben:Thanks…I better tuck Matthew in I’ll talk to you tomorrow

*Ben hangs up his phone and throws it on the couch in frustration*

*Scene transits to Ben tucking Matthew in*

Matthew:Are we  going to be alright dad?

Ben:Of course……….We’re going to be staying right here no one’s going to kick us out...Good night sport

*Ben turns off the lights and sits down at the desk to get to work on his paperwork*

Matthew’s voice:Your always busy

Ms White’s voice:It’s been what? 2 weeks since you got fired from the facilities?

Boss’s voice:Leach,Work on these tonight be late on this one like the others and you're fired

May’s voice:Just use your imagination

*May’s sentence repeats as he gets up and walks to the living room picking up the Barney doll*

Ben:You say you're here for anyone who needs it…….Well I need you the most right now!

*Ben closes his eyes*

Ben’s voice:I know what you're thinking……….But if you have one of these you probably tried this out of stress………..And of course as you know

*Ben reopens his eyes*

Ben’s voice:Nothing ever happens

Ben:......I figured as much

*Ben puts the doll back on the couch and turns off the living room lights*

Ben’s voice:...............Or so I thought

*A purple light starts to emit from the plush covering the entire living room*

*The doll starts spinning and goes right off the couch in a purple and green like tornado*

*Scene cuts to Ben walking to his bedroom and hearing the living room’s floors creaking from the “Barn-nado’s  ™  speed*

*Ben almost turns around but just walks into his room*

*The purple light start’s to encompass the hallway*

*Ben get’s into bed….the tornado’s speed getting quieter and the purple light getting dimmer*

*Classic sparkle sound is heard followed by a familiar “Woah”! And a chuckle*

Ben:*Grumbles* I’ll take the batteries out tomorrow…..

*Scene transits to the next morning where Ben is awaken to the smell of bacon*

Ben:*Sniffs*........That’s weird….it smells just like something May used to cook

*Ben gets out his phone and walks into the kitchen where he sees Barney (Now dino sized) flipping pancakes with bacon and a carton of eggs*

Barney:Good morning, good morning, good morning. Good morning to me and you. Good morning, good morning, good morning. There's so much we can see and

*Ben drops his phone in complete shock*

Ben:.............Who are you and what are you doing in in my house?

Barney:That’s a sentence to start out the day

*Ben goes near Barney and puts his hands over Barney’s plush body*

Barney:*Laughs* that tickles!

Ben:...............I think I need to go wash up

Barney:Good idea Ben

Ben:........And you know my name that’s...Terrifying

*Ben runs to the bathroom*

Barney:Can’t say that’s ever happened before

*Ben turns on the bathroom sink and starts washing his face*

Ben:He’s not real………..I obviously have overworked last night…...He’s a character from a TV show there’s no way he is in my house right now cooking breakfast

Barney:Hey Ben how do you want your eggs?


Barney:I don’t know how to make AAAh so I’ll just make yours sunny side up

*Matthew walks into the kitchen*

Matthew:Woah! Your Barney!

Barney:Hi there Matthew

*Barney flips up a pancake hugs Matthew and catches the pancake on the frying pan  just in time*

Matthew:Wait till my dad sees you……….Where is he anyway?

Barney:He’s uhh…..

*Ben walks back into the kitchen picking up his cellphone*

Ben:Morning son

*Ben runs out of the kitchen and into the living room*

Barney:........Having a moment


Barney:A nervous breakdown moment

*Scene cuts to Ben in the living room on the phone with his ex wife*

May:You better have a good reason calling this early Ben…………

Ben:Barney. Big. Kitchen. Bacon!

May:....................I’m hanging up

Ben:No! You don’t get it Barney’s not the beaten doll you sent us he’s humongous!

May:Your overreacting he’s a foot at the tallest

*Ben peaks in the kitchen hall seeing Barney setting the plates on the table while humming*

Ben:That must be a very big foot then

May:Ben why don’t you take some time off work? It seems the long hours have affected you

Ben:That’s not why I’m freaking out tough I’m freaking out because Barney is cooking pancakes in my kitc-

*May hangs up*

*Ben sighs and  walks into the kitchen sitting next to Matthew at the table*

*Ben begins eating*

Ben:...........Not bad

Matthew:Do you have a place to stay Barney?

Barney:Can’t say I do I just got here last night

*Ben takes a sip of the Orange Juice near his plate*

Matthew:You can stay here for as long as you want

*Ben spits out his Orange Juice*

Ben:No way!....Er I mean there’s no where you can stay in this house…..There is a barn next door but you wouldn’t want to stay there

Barney:Wouldn’t be the first time

Matthew:That’s not true we have a spare bedroom upstairs  

Barney:Well I don’t want to intrude……

Matthew:You won’t intrude……..Right Dad?

Ben:.......................You can stay till Friday,Saturday morning I want you gone

Barney:Thank you Ben! *Laughs*

*Barney hugs Ben*

Ben (Out of breath):Please let me go

Barney:Whoops! Sorry

*Barney pats Ben on the head*

Matthew:Come on Barney! I’ll show you your room


*Barney and Matthew leave the kitchen as Ben just realized what he said*

Ben:..........Why did I say he could stay till Friday? Given my luck we won’t be here come Saturday morning…….

*Ben puts the plates up until an animated lightbulb goes off above his head*

Ben:I just let a 7 foot T-rex move in with us without asking him questions. Hey Barney! I got some questions for ya

*Scene transits to Barney walking into his bedroom which is a really small bare bones room with a single bed with no mattress and a 50’s style TV*

Matthew:Do you like it?

Barney:Like it? It’s Super Dee Duper!..............Although it does need something a bit more…….You might want to stand back a bit

*Matthew stands back as Barney magically makes the small room into a deluxe living room sized bedroom with the walls repainted purple and green,the single matress-less bed now a queen (And dino) sized bed and the 50’s TV replaced with a more modern looking TV (With green spots on the screen to boot)*

Barney:Now I feel much more at home!                                           

*Ben walks in*

Ben:Matthew the bus is…………..What the?

Barney:Like it?

*Ben shakes his head*

Ben:The bus is here Matthew your lunch bag is on the couch in the living room


Ben:I’ll see you when I get home from work  Bye sport

Matthew:Bye Dad,Bye Barney

*Matthew leaves the room as Ben closes the guest room’s door*

Ben:OK out with it how’d you get here?

Barney:Through the door

Ben:No I mean how did you get here?

Barney:Oh……...Well a nice lady got me out of an attic she put me in a box last I remember I was on an airplane trip that was

Ben:That lady was my ex wife


Ben:And besides that’s not what I mean either there’s not a lot of dinosaurs around here anymore how did you get here?

Barney:Your imagination

Ben:.....You really expect me to believe that?

Barney:Well you were the one who brought me here



Ben:..............OK if you aren't going to tell me then whatever I gotta get going to work

Barney:I’ll join you!

Ben:You want to go to work with me?

Barney:I gotta do something while I’m here

Ben:Fine………..Just try not to make a scene

Barney:You have my word

*Scene transits to Barney and Ben walking outside the house and up to Ben’s car*

Ben:......This isn’t going to work

Barney:How far is your work?

Ben:10 minutes

Barney:When are you supposed to be in?


Barney:We can walk that! It builds muscles *Laughs*

*Ben and Barney walk as we cut to them walking in a suburban neighborhood*

Ben:I have a question

Barney:I have an answer

Ben:Why are you so gung ho about imagination? It’s not like it comes to play later in life

Barney:Believe it or not it does

Ben:No it doesn’t

Barney:It sure does TV Shows,Movies and even technology nowadays have imagination put into it…..All you gotta do is imagine a scenario or in other words

“Imagine A Place”

*Imagine A Place start’s up*

Barney:Imagine a place you want to be.


Barney:Imagine a place for you and me.

Ben:I don’t believe you

Barney:Imagine a place and you'll be there;

Ben:Ignoring you right now

Barney:Imagination can take you anywhere.

*Barney stops Ben as they walk in front of a old run down theme park poster*

Barney:What do you see here?

Ben:A theme park that’s been closed down for decades

Barney:Right but that’s what your eyes see there’s alot you can see when you see it with your imagination……

*Ben closes his eyes*

Barney:With your mind, your eyes can see. Imagine a place you want to be. Imagination can take you anywhere.

*Carosel music is heard*

*Ben opens his eyes as the poster shows an animated lively theme park*

Ben:Woah………..How’d you do that?

Barney:I didn’t you did! That is your imagination did

*Barney and Ben continue walking as they notice 3 kids (Named Jimmy,Kristy and Karen) sitting on the sidewalk with a notebook in Jimmy’s hand*

Ben:Shouldn’t you kids be in school?

Kristy:We’ll be going there in a bit……..It’s just

Karen:It’s just we’re trying to think of a cool place we could go to every day

Jimmy:But we’re not having any luck

Barney:May I see that notebook please?

Jimmy:Sure here you go

*Jimmy hands Barney the notebook*

*Barney holds the notebook out front*

Barney:Just watch………..Imagine a place that’s lots of fun. Imagine a place for everyone! Imagine a place and you’ll be there imagination can take you anywhere.

*The notebook magically makes a living room style room sketch appear with a couch,A staircase on the left and next to it 2 doors and a platform*

The kids:Woah………….

Jimmy:All we need now is a name!

Barney:How does this sound?

*The words “Imagination Hangout” appears under the notebook*

Jimmy:Imagination Hangout…….I like it!

Karen:It has a nice ring to it

Kristy:Yeah……...Thanks guys

Barney:No problem see you all later

*The 3 kids leave and Ben and Barney continue their walking*

*A guy with a guitar (Local musician,...No one to popular a Drake Bell like guy) stops them in their tracks*

Guitar  Guy:Hey I’ve heard you singing can I join in?

Barney:You sure can!

*Guitar Guy starts playing his guitar*

Guitar Guy:With your mind, your eyes can see. Imagine a place you want to be. Imagination can take you anywhere.………….

Barney:Your Imagination can take you anywhere

*Music picks up speed*

Guitar Guy and Barney:Imagine a place you want to be. Imagine a place for you and me. Imagine a place and you'll be there; Imagination can take you anywhere………….

Barney:Yes your Imagination can take you anywhere

*Song ends as the scene transits to Barney and Ben walking in front of a homeless guy*

Homeless Guy:Spare some cash?

Ben:Sorry I’m broke

*Ben walks away (Not noticing Barney’s not with him*

Ben:You have to be careful in the real world Barney………...You never know who’s going to scam you

*Ben turns to his right*

Ben:Barney? Where’d you go?

*A guy in a apron  comes walking through*

Ben:Excuse me  Mr…..

*Ben looks at the name tag on the apron*


Mr Street:How can I help you?

Ben:You haven’t seen a dinosaur have you?

Mr Street:Not outside of a museum


*Ben walks back to where he and Barney was*

*A kookaburra (Benny) and a rabbit (Jack) walk in*

Mr Street:Bizarre


Jack:You're telling me   

*Scene cuts to Barney handing the homeless man some dollar bills*

*Ben walks in*


Barney:One second Ben

*The Homeless Guy counts the dollar bills*

Homeless Guy:Woah…………….Are you sure you want to give me this money? It’s alot to give

Barney:I have more for myself……..I always bring extra just in case I run into someone who needs it more than I do

Homeless Guy:...........Wait until I tell the others about this!

*Homeless Guy walks away*

Ben:Let me guess gotta maintain that public image?

Barney:Sometimes a little kindness goes a long way to help someone

*Barney walks by*

Ben:That doesn’t answer my question  

*Ben walks by as the scene transits to them walking into Ben’s work and into the cooler room*

Ben:Barney…..there’s something you need to know about my boss he’s not necessarily the nicest

Barney:I’m sure he’s just misunderstood

Boss’s voice:Late again? You're fired!


Ben:Can you stay here while I work? All you have to do is just stay right here at the water cooler until I’m done

Barney:Alright I’m sure I can find something to do to pass the time

Ben:Just try to stay out my boss’s path

*Just then Ben’s boss walks in*

Ben:I just got this job and the last thing I want to do is lose it

Boss:Leach who are you talking to?

*Ben looks at the boss and then to where Barney was*

Ben:Uhhhh no one sir

Boss:..........This is going in your annual report

Ben:Duly noted

*The boss leaves as magic sparkles are shown behind Ben*

Ben:Is there any reason why he couldn’t see you?

Barney:We can all be imaginative…...Unfortunately there are some people who abandon their imaginative side

Ben:So what you're saying is only people who haven’t abandoned their imagination can see you?

Barney:In a sense yes

Ben:That makes it easier for me at least

*Ben walks out of the cooler room to start his work day*

*2 workers (One looking like David Joyner) come walking in*

*Barney grabs a cup and leans on the water cooler*

Worker 1:Great……...Another job blown!

Barney:I’m sorry to hear that Mr….?

Mitch:Call me Mitch…...And it’s fine I never wanted an office job  I actually wanted to start a babysitting business.

Dave:I hear you, Mitch! I had dreams of getting into acting I even got a gig as a criminal on a TV Show…..But my big break turned into a big dud after they caught the guy I was supposed to play

Barney:That shouldn’t stop you if you have a dream you should go for it I’m sure you’d be a tee-riffic actor

Mitch:He has a point Dave

Dave:You know what? I’m going to put my 2 weeks notice in and get an agent

Barney:That’s the spirit Dave!

*Dave walks out of the cooler room*

Mitch:By the way has anyone told you that you look exactly like Barney The Dinosaur?

*Barney turns to the camera raising his eye lids*

Barney:Come to think of it I don’t think anyone has

*Scene transits to Ben hard at work at his cubicle on the computer*

*Ben looks out the cubical and notices that all the workers are gone*

Ben:Huh……….Slow day today

*Dave walks in Ben’s cubical*

Dave:Hey your purple friend is awesome!

Ben:The one by the cooler?

Dave:Yeah he’s opened our eyes we’re all quitting this job to follow our dreams


*Ben runs into the cooler room and notices almost the entire work place in the cooler room gathered around Barney*

Barney:There’s alot of jobs nowadays that pay full time for part timers I think that’d be the best way to get enough time to work and to spend with your family

Worker 3:Just what my wife wants!

*Ben breaks up the crowd*

Ben:Excuse me! Gotta talk to my “Friend” here………

Barney:Isn’t it great Ben? I’m helping so many people find their calling *Laughs*

Ben:Are you crazy?!? This is far from great if my boss finds out half of his employees want to quit

Boss’s voice:Who’s friend is making all of you quit?

*The workers point to Ben*

*Steam comes out of the Boss’s ears*

Ben:Barney is that imagination?

Barney:No that’s pure rage and you’re not imagining that!

Boss:My office. NOW

*Scene cuts to Barney waiting at the door of the boss’s office as yelling gibberish  is heard from inside*

*Ben walks out*

Barney:How can one man be filled with so much anger?

Ben:You wanna go in and ask him?

Barney:...............I think I’ve angered him enough today

Ben:You got  lucky…….He said he can’t legally do anything with you because you don’t work here,The good news is he said since tomorrow is a holiday I get a day off….The bad news is Friday I’ll have to work overtime

Barney:You got all that from his random spouts of rage?

Ben:Had to listen with my left ear and my right

Barney:Ah I’ve taught you well *Laughs*

Ben:At least nothing else can go wrong today

*Text ring goes off on Ben’s phone*

*Ben takes out his phone and sees the text (From Matthew’s teacher Ms White) that reads “Where Are U? Get Over Here For A Meeting”*

Ben:Great……….Just what I need

Barney:What’s wrong?

Ben:Gotta find a way to get to the school for some stupid meeting with Matthew’s teacher…..How am I going to make this on foot?

Barney:We can take my car

Ben:You have a  car?

Barney:Sure! Follow me

*Scene cuts them in the work’s parking lot*

Ben:You know we could have used your car to get here

Barney:You needed the exercise

*Barney and Ben walk in front of a nice looking black prius*

Ben:.........That’s your car?!?

Barney:Hm? Oh no my cars next to it

*Camera zooms out to show a beat up run down jalopy*

Ben:How the heck can you fit in this?

Barney:Like this

*Barney gets out a keychain and pushes a car alarm playing the tune of Yankee Doodle magically changing the jalopy into a gigantic custom made chevrolet*


*Ben get’s into the car*

*Barney walks into the driver's seat with a driver's hat and scarf*

Ben:Is the hat and scarf really necessary?

Barney:Rule of fun, Ben!

*Barney starts the car and they drive away*

*Exterior shot of them driving*

Barney’s voice:Hey Ben do you want to to hear how the horn sounds?

Ben’s voice:Not particularly

*Midi version of I Love You is heard coming out of the horn*

Ben’s voice:This is going to be a long day………..

*Scene transits to the principal's office where Ben and Barney walk up to the secretary’s desk*

Ben:I’m looking for Ms White’s classroom I’m penciled in for a meeting

Secretary:Room 829…..Don’t you work here as the janitor?

Ben:*Sighs*............No you got me confused by someone else

*Ben leaves as a female teacher walks in with a little mexican girl*

Teacher:Is the principal in?

Secretary:He’s running late due to car troubles what’s your problem?

Teacher:This little girl just joined my class but she’s nervous……….The problem is she can’t speak english; only spanish. I have everything I’m supposed to teach in spanish but I don’t know how to reassure her!

Barney:I know a bit of Spanish…..May I?

Teacher:Go right ahead

Little Girl:*Gasps* Eres Barney? (Are you Barney?)

Barney:¡Sí, por supuesto! ¿Como te llamas? (Yes, of course! What’s your name?)


Barney:Clara, me encanta tu nombre! (Clara I love your name!)  *Laughs* Sabes que te no necesitas que tener miedo. Hay mucho diversión en la escuela! (You know, you don’t need to be scared. School is a lot of fun!)

Clara: ¿De verdad? (Really)

Barney: Sí! La escuela es Super Estu-u-u-pendo! (School is…. you probably can dephier the rest =P )

Clara: Muchas gracias, Barney! Adios! Te quiero! (Thank you very much, Barney! Bye! I love you!)

Barney: De nada. Adios, Clara! Y recuerdas, te quiero mucho! (You’re welcome. Bye Clara! And remember, I love you!)

*Little Girl walks out of the office*

Teacher:................Thanks how did you know what to say?

Barney:I’ve been all around the world you pick up a lot of languages when you travel as much as I have

Teacher:It seems to have worked like a charm. Have a good day

Barney: You too! Bye!

*The teacher leaves as the principal Mr Belding walks in*

Secretary:Morning Mr Belding how’s your car doing?

Mr Belding:Terrible I won’t have it back till Friday

Barney:Wow Friday seems to be the busiest day in this town……

Mr Belding:.......I know that voice

*Mr Belding turns right noticing Barney right away*

Mr Belding:Well if it isn’t the purple people pleaser! How are you doing old friend?

Barney:I’m doing great Mr Belding how have you been?

Mr Belding:I’ve never been better what brings you back here?

Barney:I decided to take a bit of a vacation……….Which reminds me do you have time for a bit of a talk? I have something I want to talk about

Mr Belding:Anything for you Barney. Let’s get into my office to talk about it

*Barney and Mr Belding goes into his office as the  scene transits to Ben walking up to Ms White’s classroom*

*Ben peeks through the window and notices a unique sight outside the classroom's window*

Ben:Is that a half built tree house?

*The bell rings causing Ben to fall on the ground*

*Ms White opens the door leaving the kids (Including Matthew) to go out to the lunchroom and passing Ben*

Matthew:Hi dad

Ben:Hi Matthew

*Ms White walks over to Ben still on the floor*

Ms White:Do you just love the floor or do I leave you face over the pavement?

Ben:Just help me up, will ya?

*Ms White helps Ben up*

Ms White:Come in the classroom without falling……...Or will I have to carry you?

*Ms White walks back into the classroom*

Ben:And it begins……..

*Scene transits to Barney and Mr Belding walking through the halls*

Mr Belding:I’ll bring to your suggestion to the board tomorrow thanks for letting me know

Barney:No problem

Mr Belding:Hey if you're hungry the lunch bell just rang. The lunchroom is the second door to the right

Barney:I’ll go right there then So long Mr Belding. Let me know what the board says

Mr Belding:I’ll be sure to bye!

*Barney walks down the halls*

Barney:Wait second door to the right……..Whoops! I’m going the wrong way *Laughs*

*Barney hums while walking up the halls as the scene transits to Matthew walking to the table and sitting sighing*

*Matthew's friends Karen,Andrea and Jacob walks through*

Andrea:What’s up with Matthew?

Karen:He’s been going through tough times at home

Jacob:Let’s try to cheer him up

*The other 3 kids sit down next to Matthew*

Karen:Hey Matthew we’re going to be going to the workshop to wait for our parents do you want to come with us?

Matthew:Nah I gotta try to get that volcano project done

Jacob:You still haven’t gotten that done yet?

Matthew:My dad’s always busy……….Ever since him and my mom split up we’ve never talked much

Andrea:I’m sure he doesn’t mean to

Matthew:I guess not………..

*Barney walks in with a lunch box*

Barney:Is this seat taken?

Matthew:Barney! What are you doing here?

Barney:Your dad got called in for a meeting with your teacher and since I was with him I thought I’d eat lunch with you while he’s talking with her….Who are your friends?

Matthew:These are my friends Andrea,Karen and Jacob

Barney:Hey! Your one of the kids we saw today on the way to Ben’s work did you get to school on time?

Karen:Barley thankfully Mr Belding left me off with a warning

Andrea:You know Barney you look so much bigger in person than on television

Barney:I get that alot *Laughs*

*The kids get their sandwiches out from the lunch bag*

Barney:I just noticed…………We each have a sandwich with different breads

Matthew:Heh….I guess we do!

Jacob:What bread do you have Barney?

Barney:Let me check…..

*Barney opens his lunchbox throwing out improv dialogue while looking through it*

Barney:Oh! My favorite!

*Barney brings out a Pumpernickel bread sandwich*

Barney:Pumpernickel *Laughs*

*Pumpernickel start’s up*

Barney: I have a bread and it's called pumpernickel! Yum, yum, pumpernickel!

Pumpernickel bread! Hey!

The kids:Barney has a bread and it's called pumpernickel! Yum, yum, pumpernickel! Pumpernickel bread! Hey!

Matthew:I have a sandwich made with white bread. It's delicious--Would you like a bite?

Barney and the kids:White bread, white bread--Yum, yum, white bread! Yum, yum, pumpernickel! Pumpernickel bread! Hey!

Andrea:Mine is a round bread called a bagel.  It's delicious. Would you like a bite?

Barney and the kids:Bagel, bagel--Yum, yum, bagel! Yum, yum, white bread! Yum, yum, pumpernickel! Pumpernickel bread! Hey!

Jacob:Mine has a pocket. It's called pita bread,It's delicious--Would you like a bite?

Barney and the kids:Pita pocket, pita pocket--Yum, yum, pita pocket! Yum, yum bagel! Yum, yum, white bread! Yum, yum pumpernickel! Pumpernickel bread! Hey!

Karen:Mine's made of corn, it's called a tortilla. It's delicious--Would you like a bite?

Barney and the kids:Tortilla, tortilla,Yum, yum, tortilla! Yum, yum, pita pocket! Yum, yum, bagel! Yum, yum, white bread! Yum, yum, pumpernickel! Pumpernickel bread! Hey!




Matthew:White bread!

The kids:Yum, yum, pumpernickel!

Barney:Where's my pumpernickel??

Barney and the kids:Yum, yum, pumpernickel! Pumpernickel bread! Hey!

*Song ends as the kids get up and throw away their trash*

Jacob:There we go! Clean as a whistle

Matthew:I wonder how the meeting between my dad and Ms White is going

Barney:I’m sure they're getting along great

*Scene transits to said meeting in Ms White’s classroom*

Ms White:This is the exact type of recklessness that cost you your job

Ben:Well I’m sorry that I can’t be as stuck up as you are

Ms White:There you go again! Quipping your way out of life's problems why are you so careless about your son’s education?

Ben:Why do you care so much about my son?   

Ms White:I’m his teacher of course I care about him it’s not my fault that you're self absorbed  

Ben:Oh yeah? You’re a know it all

Ms White:You're clueless

Ben:You’re strict

Ms White: You’re having trouble keeping your life together

Ben: You’re right

Ms White:You’re…...What?

Ben:You’re absolutely right………………..I’m reckless and don’t know when to ask for help and that’s exactly why I’m losing my home Saturday

Ms White:Oh my gosh….I-I’m really sorry

Ben:It’s alright………..All I can blame is myself I got 2 days to make money and there’s no way my boss is going to give me a raise

Ms White:..............I think I know a way to make some quick money. We’re having a country fair in the park tomorrow to celebrate Atlanta's country heros…...We need someone to cook chili and run the stand I really recommend taking this job

Ben:I-I’ll take it,I guess you aren't as stuck up as I thought Ms White

Ms White:Now that you mention it at a closer inspection you aren’t really self absorbed

*Ben puts his hand on the door*

Ms White:Mary

Ben:What’s that?

Mary:That’s my full name……….Mary White. Please call me Mary instead of Ms White

Ben:......I’ll be sure to remember that Mary

*Ben walks out as Barney walks through the hallway*

Ben:You really got to stop disappearing like this

Barney:I had to do something while you were in there……...And who knows maybe you’ll like what I did *Laughs*

*Barney walks away*

Ben:...............The more I try to read him the more I can’t…………..

*Scene transits to the 2 at a grocery store buying chili ingredients*

Ben:So we argued for a bit I mentioned my troubles and she gave me a job at this big local country fair that celebrates when alot of our people went off and brought back gold for their families in turn…………..I have to make like 40 pounds of Chili but the money's good so I can’t complain

Barney:I’m so glad it’s working out for you Ben

Ben:Thanks another perk is the fair opens at noon meaning I can do pretty much anything tonight,The only thing I’m wondering is what to do……….

*Barney notices a sale on craft supplies*

*Barney stops Ben in his tracks*

Barney:I think I got an idea!

*Barney whispers into Ben’s ear*

*Scene transits to back at home with Barney and Ben approaching Matthew with a bag of craft supplies*

Ben:So you know how you need to finish your volcano project………..You want to work on it tonight? I’m sure we could get it finished if we work hard

Matthew:Tonight?!? Most of my friends had to work on this for days to finish theirs how are we going to get it done tonight?

Ben:Simple………..We just work together and use our imagination

Matthew:It sounds like you're warming up to Barney

Ben:You could say that

Barney:Well what are we waiting for? Let’s get to work! *Laughs*

*Barney spin jumps as a montage start’s with them building the volcano*

*Together,Together start’s up in the background*

Barney,Ben and Matthew:Together, together, working together. It's so much fun

as you can see! Together, together, whenever we're together, it's a great time for you and me!

Barney:Nothing can stop us, when we get together. Every day and every night.

Ben:Working together, anything is possible. When you're here, things turn out right.

Barney,Ben and Matthew:Together, together, working together. It's so much fun

as you can see! Together, together, whenever we're together, It's a great time for  you and me!

Matthew:Nothing can stop us, when we get together. Every day and every night.

Barney:Working together, anything is possible. When you're here, things turn out right.

Barney,Ben and Matthew:Together, together, working together. It's so much fun

as you can see! Together, together, whenever we're together, It's a great time for you....For you and me!

*Song ends as Matthew grabs the remote*

Matthew:You guys ready?

Ben:Do it Matthew!

Barney:Fire in the hole!

*Matthew presses the button and lava comes out of the volcano*

Barney:Or more like lava in the hole *Laughs*

*Scene transits to them outside in the backyard at night relaxing in lounge chairs (Minus Barney of course)*

Ben:Man……...I haven’t relaxed outside in a night  like this since I was a kid

Matthew:You get to see all the stars and just let nature do the talking

Barney:It definitely makes you feel good about living on this great clean earth  

Ben:You know what we should do to celebrate? Let’s order a pizza!

Matthew:That sounds awesome dad!

Barney:That sounds Stuuuuuuuupendous!

*Ben’s phone goes off*


May’s voice:How’d your day go?

Ben:For once it went alright

May’s voice:That’s good

Ben:You know May you were right about one thing

May’s voice:And what’s that?

*Ben looks at Matthew and Barney talking and gives a smile*

Ben:He makes a great friend for Matthew when I’m gone

May’s voice:Did you just call the stuffed animal a he?

Ben:It’s been a bizarre day…….I’ll let you know tomorrow when I get home from my part time job

May’s voice:Look at you turning your life around! I’m really proud that you can bounce back so easily

Ben:Thanks good night

May’s voice:Night

*Ben hangs up the phone and goes into the kitchen*

Matthew:You know Barney I’m really glad

Barney:Why’s that?

Matthew:Finally getting my volcano project done,My dad’s behavior changing for the better…….And of course having a friend like you

Barney:Awww thank you Matthew I don’t know what else to say to that but

*A Friend Like You Start’s up*

Barney:I'm so happy you're the one That's here tonight having fun.  Wherever we go, whatever we do, It's better with a friend like you.

Barney and Matthew:Everything's better with a friend. Everything's better with a friend like you. Playing, pretending, whatever we do. It's better with a friend like you.

Matthew:When I need some help in store  Something that requires 2 or more  Don’t have to climb a tree Because you can  see I know that you will help me

Barney and Matthew:Because everything's better with a friend. Everything's better with a friend like you. Playing, pretending, whatever we do.

It's better with a friend like you.

Barney:When you’re sad and feeling blue and you’re not sure what to do. You don’t have to flee because as you can see. You can always talk to me

Barney and Matthew:Because everything's better with a friend. Everything's better with a friend like you. Playing, pretending, whatever we do.

It's better with a friend like you.

Barney:Playing, pretending, whatever we do. It's better with a friend like you.

*Song ends*

*Ben comes back out*

Ben:Pizza’s here! Come and get it while it’s hot


*Matthew runs in*

*Barney almost walks in but Ben stops Barney in his tracks*

Ben:Barney do you mind if you do me a favor……….

Barney:What’s that?

Ben:.............If you could keep the eviction to yourself when you’re around Matthew a kid his age shouldn’t worry about things like this

Barney:Oh……...You have my word

Ben:Let’s go eat shall we? I got the pizza guy to put peanut butter on one of the pizzas………..And I made sure to put some pistachios  on the side of your plate

Barney:You had me at Peanut Butter and pistachios oh boy oh boy lead the way!

*Barney and Ben go into the kitchen as the scene transits to the next morning with Ben in the kitchen wearing a country outfit cooking a bunch of chili*

*Barney walks in*

Barney:Well howdy there partner! You about go mosey down the corral?

Ben:Very funny……...I’m still cooking

Barney:It definitely smells good

*Barney grabs a ladel and puts a bit of the chili on it*

Ben:Barney you don’t want to eat that that’s one of the spicy types of chili

Barney:You don’t need to worry Ben I have a stomach of dino steel

*Barney takes a bit of the chilli which ends with smoke coming out his mouth (CGI effects not real smoke)*

Ben:I told ya so…………

*Barney runs to the kitchen sink,Grabs a cup,Fills the cup up with water and downs the cup of water*

Barney:Ahhhhh much better

*Ben puts the last of the chili unto a bottle*

Ben:Mind if you help me with this chili?


*Barney and Ben lift some of the chili bottles and puts it on a wagon*

Barney:So are we using your car to get there or are we walking?

Ben:We? You aren't going with me

Barney:...........I’m not?

Ben:No offense but a purple dinosaur in a big fair like this could easily go to chaos……..I’d think it’d be safe if you just stay here and watch over Matthew

*Ben puts the last chili jar on the wagon*

Ben:Thanks for helping me with this wagon tough

Barney:No problem

*Ben takes the wagon and leaves the house*

Barney:Time for plan B

*Scene transits to the country fair where a new character Mario get’s fired and get’s kicked out*

Mario:How was I supposed to know I wasn’t allowed to bring silver to a fair dedicated to the gold rush?

*Mary walks by*

Mario:Ms White! Just who I’m looking for

Mary:Can’t do anything about letting you back in Mario

Mario:...............Every year

*Mario leaves as Ben comes in with a wagon*

Mary:You’re a couple minutes late

Ben:Well I did have to make a lot of chili

Mary:Fair enough

Ben:Do you mind if you help me with these?

Mary:Sure I’ll show you where you’re booth is

*Ben and Mary walk to the booth and unloads the chili*

Ben:You know I met my wife at this country fair…….I always thought it’d last forever

Mary:If you don’t mind me asking….How did you both split up?

Ben:It’s not too heartbreaking or interesting basically we started to lose steam after she joined the peace corps she wanted to move the entire family with her to different countries but we both agreed that’d it be better to remain as good friends so that Matthew can have a good childhood in the states

Mary:Have you guys ever thought about getting back together?

Ben:We talked about it a few times but it’s been too long we don’t see us as a couple anymore but we shouldn’t talk too much about it today’s all about having fun after all

Mary: Indeed

*Mary puts the open sign on Ben’s booth*

Mary:Then I’d say our booth is open


Mary:I thought you’d need some help with the booth

Ben:Alright then you know I have a feeling we’ll make a good team the only way this can go south is if

Barney’s voice:Howdy Ben!

*Barney walks in in a cowboy outfit*

Ben:Oh dear


Ben:One sec

*Ben goes over to Barney*

Ben:I’m starting to think you don’t hear instructions too well.

Barney:What was that Ben?

Ben:*Sighs*..............Wait who’s watching Matthew?

Barney:Don’t worry a friend of mine is watching him

*Scene transits back to the house where Matthew and Mitch from Ben’s job is sitting in awkward silence on the couch*

Mitch:Soooo how’s school?

Matthew:Alright how’s unemployment?

Mitch:Alright I guess

*Scene transits back to the fair*

Ben:Well I guess since you're here you can stay but please act normal

Barney:You have my word Ben!

*Ben goes back to his booth as a country band approaches Barney*

Singer:Are you Barney The Dinosaur?

Barney:Yes I am

Singer:Cool want to perform with us?

Barney:I’d love to! *Laughs*

Singer:Great follow us

*Barney goes over with the country band unto the stage*

Singer:Cow boys and girls have we got a treat for you

*Ben takes of the chilli lid and puts some in a bowl*

Singer:Here to give us a blast from the past is Barney!

Ben:Oh no…………

Mary:What’s wrong?

Ben:.....Uhh I think we’re a bowl short

*Mary counts the bowls*

Mary:Nope……….We have all of them

Ben:Heh so we do……I’ll be right back again

*Ben runs to the right of the stage*

Barney:I hope you’re all ready to have a tee-riffic time remembering Atlanta's greatest heros today!

Ben (Whispers):Barney what are you doing?

Barney:Acting normal!...........Well normal for me of course *Laughs*

Mary’s voice:Ben?

Ben:I got my eye on you…………

*Ben goes back to his stand*

Mary:This isn’t going to be a recurring thing today, is it?

Ben:Huh? Oh no no I just……..Lost my wallet

Mary:At the stage area?

Ben:My wallet was thrown


*We then go back to the stage*

Barney:May I please borrow your fiddle?

Fiddle player:Sure here ya go

*The Fiddle player hands Barney his fiddle and bow and grabs a guitar near the drum stand to play*

Barney:Thank you! OK 1,2,1,2,3,4

*Turkey In The Straw (Barney’s Version) start’s up*

Barney:Got my fiddle, and I got my bow. Gonna play a tune that you all know. You can clap your hands to my country song. If you know the words, you can sing along.

Barney and the band:Turkey in the straw *whistles* Turkey in the straw *whistles* Hats on, Boots on... Yee-Ha! Sing a little song called "Turkey in the Straw"

Singer:I have  a little pony with a saddle on. We'll ride the range till the day is done. It's a cowboy’s job. I'll do just right. Going to bring all the cows home every night.

Barney and the band:Turkey in the straw *whistles* Turkey in the straw *whistles* Hats on, Boots on... Yee-Ha! Sing a little song called "Turkey in the Straw"

Barney:Went out to milk, and I dont know how

Singer:I milked the goat instead of the cow.

Barney:The goat was quiet as she could be,

Barney and the Singer:but the cow was in the corner going "Tee-Hee-Hee".

Barney and the band:Turkey in the straw *whistles* Turkey in the straw *whistles* Hats on, Boots on... Yee-Ha! Sing a little song called "Turkey in the Straw!" Yee-Ha!

*We go back to Ben and Mary’s stand  doing incredibly well*

Mary:I gotta say Ben I’m impressed your chilli is selling like hotcakes!

Singers voice:Alright now let’s get all the cowpokes out on the dance floor for a good ole square dance

Mary:Come on Ben! Let’s square dance

Ben:I-I’m not the best dancer and besides aren't we supposed to stay at this sta-

Mary:We can take a little break this fairs all about having fun so let’s have some!

*Ben and Mary go to the front of the stage as Old Brass Wagon starts up*

Barney:Grab your partner do-si-do it’s time to square dance here we go!

*Barney puts down the fiddle and bow*

Barney:Circle to the left, the old brass wagon. Circle to the left, the old brass wagon. Circle to the left, the old brass wagon. You're the one my darlin'.

Singer:Come on now do what the song says circle to the left and let’s all dance swing your ladies round and round show your gal that you’re no clown

Barney:Circle to the right, the old brass wagon. Circle to the right, the old brass wagon. Circle to the right, the old brass wagon. You're the one my darlin'.

Singer:We’re going from the left now to the right this square dancing is out of sight! Keep on swinging her round she goes where she’ll stop no one will know

Barney:Everybody in, the old brass wagon. Everybody in, the old brass wagon.

Everybody in, the old brass wagon. You're the one my darlin'.

Singer:Come on and now follow me go right in we’re a family promo day hey come on now let’s square dance we’ll show you how

Barney:Everybody out, the old brass wagon. Everybody out, the old brass wagon. Everybody out, the old brass wagon. You're the one my darlin'.

Singer:Unfortunately we’re almost done this square dancin was a lot of fun take a break there is no more applaud the singer this dinosaur!

Barney:Everybody out, the old brass wagon. You're the one my darlin'.

*Song ends*

*Scene cuts back to the chili stand where Mary gives Bn his paycheck and a piece of paper*

Ben:What’s this?

Mary:My address tomorrow night sound good to you?

Ben:Ms White if I didn’t know any better I’d say you’re trying to ask me for a date

Mary:Only if you say yes

Ben:Sure it’ll be my way of saying thanks for this job

Mary:See you tomorrow night then

*Mary walks away leaving Ben to jump up in excitement*

*Back to the stage a countryfied “If You’re Happy and You Know It” start’s up*

Barney:I think we have enough time for one more song so let’s end this fair with a classic! If you're happy and you know it clap your hands.

*Hands clapping*

Barney:If you're happy and you know it clap your hands.

*Hands clapping*

Barney and the band:If you're happy and you know it, then your face will surely show it. If you're happy and you know it clap your hands.

*Hands clapping*

Barney:If you're happy and you know it stamp your feet.

*Feet stamping*

Barney:If you're happy and you know it stamp your feet.

*Feet stamping*

Barney and the Band:If you're happy and you know it, then your face will surely show it. If you're happy and you know it stamp your feet.

*Feet stamping*

Barney:If you're happy and you know it shout “Yeehaw!"

The Band:Yeehaw!

Barney:If you're happy and you know it shout "Yeehaw!"

The band:Yeehaw!

Barney and the band:If you're happy and you know it, then your face will surely show it. If you're happy and you know it shout "Yeehaw!"

The band:Yeehaw!

Barney and the band:If you're happy and you know it do all three.

*Hands clapping, Feet stamping,*

The Band:Yee haw!

Barney and the band:If you're happy and you know it do all three.

*Hands clapping, Feet stamping,*

The Band:Yee haw!

Barney and the band:If you're happy and you know it, then your face will surely show it. If you're happy and you know it do all three.

*Hands clapping, Feet stamping,*

Barney and the band:Yee Haw!

*Song ends as the scene transits to Barney (Now out of his cowboy outfit) and Ben talking while Ben unlocks his door*

Matthew’s voice:Be careful with that!

*A breaking sound is heard*

Matthew’s voice:Great now look what you did

Ben:That doesn’t sound good

*Ben opens the door and sees the volcano project broken on the floor*

Ben:Oh. My. God.

*Mitch goes up to Ben*

Mitch:Believe it or not this isn’t the first time this has happened

Ben:.........Get out of my house!

Mitch:I’m not getting paid for this am I?


*Mitch leaves the house as Ben picks up the remains of the volcano project*

Barney:And after all the hard work we put into it too………

Ben:Hold on maybe we can fix this sport we still have lots of time until-

Matthew:It’s no use…..This late I should just accept the fact that I’m going to fail

Ben:Now hold on Matthew!

*Matthew runs upstairs and slams his bedroom door*

Ben:............Come on we’re going back to that grocery store and we’re taking advantage of that supplies sale

Barney:Do you really think we can save the project?

Ben:All I know is that there is a 6


Ben:8 year old boy upstairs who had dreams of getting a passing grade and I’m sure as heck not going to let that dream die! And besides it’s an easy fix we just go in there buy the supplies and

*Scene transits to the grocery store where Ben is holding the receipt*

Ben:Get scammed right out of our pockets!?!?

*Ben hands Barney the receipt which makes his eyes widen*

Ben:What happened to the sale?

Grocer:Sale ended today

Ben:How am I going to pay for………..*Sighs*

*Ben get’s out the envelope filled with money Mary gave him*

Barney:Ben….Are you sure?

Ben:My son’s education’s more important

*Ben takes the money out of the envelope and gives it to the grocer*

Ben:I’m sure I can recover the money by working overtime tomorrow...Let’s get back home

*Ben grabs the supplies and he and Barney leave the store*

*Scene transits to Ben at his desk repairing the volcano really late at night*

*Barney walks into Ben’s office with a cup of coffee*

Barney:I thought you’d need this to focus a bit better

*Barney hands Ben the cup of coffee*


Barney:Don’t you have work tomorrow?

Ben:I’m going to be going to bed in a bit

Barney:Alright I'll see you in the morning

*Barney leaves and turns off the lights*

*Scene transits to the next day….In the afternoon (Whoops) where Ben is asleep at his desk*

*Ben's cellphone goes off*

*Ben face down on the desk answers the phone*

Ben (Half asleep):Hello?

Boss’s voice:Leach you’re fired!


The boss hangs up*

Ben:.........Talk about a wake up call

*Barney and Matthew walk in*

Ben:Hey sport how’d your volcano do?

Matthew:Great! I aced with flying colors by the way Ms White wanted me to tell you to come over to her house at 6:00

*Matthew goes to the kitchen*

Ben:..........Crap baskets what time is it?

*Ben looks at his phone*

Ben:4:30?!?!? I gotta call to reschedule………...

Barney:What’s wrong Ben?

Ben:I just lost my job I don’t have any money I’m pretty much homeless I can’t go on a date on this short notice

Barney:Just take a deep breath

*Ben takes a deep breath*

Barney:I know you’re going through a rough time…...But that’s why you should go on this date it’ll help relax you

Ben:But what about the money?

Barney:I have a good feeling you’ll get it just in time

Ben:If you have good faith in that I can make the deadline this late  I guess I can go on this date….But what am I supposed to wear? I haven’t been on a date in years

Barney:No problem I can help out I’m very experienced with proper clothes


Barney:Yep……….Well if picking proper clothes for one of Baby Bop’s many tea parties counts as experience *Laughs*

Ben:As long as you don’t put me into a tutu I trust you

Barney:Don’t worry pink’s not your color..Come on let’s get ready

*Scene cuts to Ben’s bedroom where Barney is going through his closet*

Barney:To bright,To dark,To flashy,Way to forward for a first date!

*Ben throws a basketball while lying on his bed*

Ben:Barney we’ve been here for 2 hours you’ve got to have been through my entire closet at this point

Barney:You’re right I guess it’s time to improvise stand up please

*Ben puts the basketball on the bed and get’s up*

*Barney magically puts Ben in a disco outfit*

Ben:..................It’s a tiny bit dated

Barney:Hmmm good point let’s try this!

*Barney magically puts Ben in lederhosen*


Barney:Maybe this?

*Barney magically puts Ben in a purple and green tuxedo*

Ben:You’re getting there

*Barney magically puts Ben in a snazzy black tuxedo with a purple shirt*


Ben:Better you don’t mind if you join me and Mary tonight? I’m not to good at this

Barney:I’d be glad to! But who’s going to watch Matthew?

Ben:That’s a good question

*Barney notices a picture of Ben’s dad*

Barney:Oh here’s a suggestion

*Barney hands Ben the picture of his dad*

Ben:No. No. No

*Scene transits to Ben at the front door in the living room*


*Mr Leach walks in*

Mr Leach:4 years without a call is that anyway to respect your old man?

Ben:....I-I’m sorry Dad I was just really busy and-

Mr Leach:*Laughs* I’m just kidding you son put it there

*Mr Leach and Ben shake hands*

*Barney walks in*

Ben:And this is our………...unusual house guest Barney The Dinosaur

Barney:Pleased to meet you Mr Leach

*Barney and Mr Leach shake hands*

Mr Leach:Likewise Mr Dinosaur

Ben:Matthew! Grandpa’s here we’re leaving now

*Matthew comes down*

Matthew:Alright dad

Mr Leach:Have a good time

*Barney and Ben leave the house as the scene transits to outside of Mary’s house*

*Ben knocks on Mary’s door as she opens up*

Mary:Ben you look great tonight


*Barney magically makes flowers appear*

Ben:Uhhh these are for you

*Ben hands Mary the flowers*

Mary:Thank you I have a great night planned you see

Ben:Actually I have my own plans

Mary:You do?

*Ben looks at Barney who magically puts a note in his hands*

Ben:Yes……….Mind if I come in?


*Barney and Ben comes in as Barney lowers the lights*

Mary:That’s odd….I payed my electric bills

Ben:You know those plans I had?


Ben:Just picture it

*Ben reads the note as Our House start’s up*

Ben:I'll light the fire,

*Barney magically lights the fire place*

Ben:You place the flowers in the vase that I bought today


*Mary puts the flowers in the vase as Ben sits down on the couch*

Ben:Staring at the fire for hours and hours while I listen to you Play your love songs all night long for me, only for me Come to me now

*Mary sits down on the couch*

Ben: and rest your head for just five minutes, everything is good

*Barney walks through the living room looking at the pictures on top of the fireplace*

Barney:Such a cozy room, the windows are illuminated by the evening

Sunshine through them,

Barney and Ben:fiery gems for you, only for you This house is a very, very fine house with two cats in the yard, life used to be so hard,Now everything is easy 'cause of you and our la, la, la… This house is a very, very fine house with two cats in the yard, life used to be so hard, Now everything is easy 'cause of you

Mary:That sounds romantic………...But I already have a reservation for the new restaurant Cannoli's and I hate for that to go to waste...Could we go see a movie and then eat there?

*Music dies down and abruptly ends (“Letting the air out of the band,” basically)*


Ben:That works to I guess

Mary:Great I’ll go powder up and then we can go

*Mary goes into the hallway*

Ben:.............Did I just sing for a full minute about romance and this entire time she had plans?

Barney:Yes,Yes you did………..That said I’m as surprised as you are

*Scene transits to the 3 of them outside the movie theater*

Ben:What movie do you want to see?

Mary:Oooh! The Wolfman! that’s a classic

Ben:I had no idea you were a horror movie watcher

Mary:Oh yeah my alarm clock is a zombie head

Barney:Uhh Ben?

Ben (Whispering):What’s wrong?

Barney:I’m not the biggest fan of horror movies

Ben (Whispering):OK is there a movie you want to see?

*Barney points to the very kiddie movie poster*

Ben (Whisper):............You’re serious

Barney:I heard it got great reviews!

Ben (Whispers):Fine (In normal voice) Hey Mary want to see this film instead?

*Ben points to the poster*

Mary:Cheery The Chipmunk Saves The Rainbow?!?!?

Ben:It could be good

Mary:*sighs* I’ll get the tickets

*Mary goes to wait in line*

Ben:Are you sure you read right that this got great reviews?

Barney:Yep it got a 1 star! That must mean it’s number 1!.........Although that site was false advertising... I couldn’t find any rotten tomatoes on there. They looked fresh to me.

*Mary walks back with the tickets*

Mary:Sooo, we’re the first ones to buy tickets for this film

Ben:You don’t sound too pleased

Mary:Ben, this movie has been out for 4 weeks


*Ben and Barney go into the theater lobby*

Barney:I’m going to go get some refreshments do you want anything?

Ben:I’m not sure that’s the best idea remember Mary can’t see you

Barney:I won’t be too long

*Barney goes to the concession stand as Mary walks in*

Mary:Want to check out the concession stand?

Ben:Nah we’re going to eat after the film we shouldn’t spoil our appetite

Mary:Good point

*Ben notices a floating popcorn and soda cup going near him*

Ben:Hey! Why don’t you look at these posters for a bit?


*Ben runs towards the floating popcorn as magic sparkles form around it*

Mary:Ben what are you up to?

Ben:Nothing!...........Meet us inside theater 20

Barney:OK see you there!

*Ben runs back to Mary*

Ben:Ready to go in?

Mary:Ben, you’re acting weird again

Ben:Weird? I’m totally not acting weird

Mary:Sure you aren't. then where  did you get that soda?

*Ben just realizes he has a soda cup in his hand*

Ben:I- I was thirsty

*Mary rolls her eyes*

Ben:We’re going to miss the film. Come on!

*Ben and Mary walk into the theater and sit up at the top*

Ben:...Huh small crowd I’m surprised we’re the only ones here…..

Mary:Are you really?

Ben:Come on! We haven’t seen it yet. How bad can it be?

*Fast forward to the end of the film where the couple’s face quickly turns to annoyed*

*A few seats down on the other hand has Barney standing near the seats watching the film closely while eating popcorn*

Voice from the film: You did it Cheery! You saved the rainbow


Ben and Mary:Thank god it’s over………...

*Ben and Mary walk of the theater*

Mary:I hate to say I told you so…...but

Ben:I know that film was terrible

Mary:Terrible is an understatement

Ben:Hey at least we have dinner to look forward to

Mary:If you don’t spaz out like earlier

Ben:I promise for the rest of the night I’ll stay right by your side

Mary:I’ll believe that when I see it,I’ll be in the car

*Mary leaves*

*Barney walks out humming*

Barney:What a great movie! Definitely a contender for best film of the year! So, how’d it go with you and Mary?

Ben:So far? Terrible

Barney:Oh I’m sure it’ll get better

*Barney and Ben leave*

*Scene transits to Canoli’s where the 3 are waiting for their tables*

*Barney notices the karaoke stage*

Barney:Ooohh Karaoke!...This gives me an idea *Laughs*

*Barney walks towards the stage*

*Mario walks in*

Mario:Hello I’m Mario I’ll be your waiter let me show you the way to your table

Mary:How’d you get a new job this fast Mario?

Mario:My uncle owns the restaurant

*Mario points to his uncle Mr Cannoli giving the death look at various waiters*

Mario:Don’t know how long I’m going to keep it tough he’s really strict

Ben:I can relate……

Mario:Have you worked for him?

Ben:No but I’ve worked with someone like him before

Mario:Respect, man.

*Mario leads him to a table that’s decently seated near the karaoke stage and hands them their menu*

Mario:I’ll be back to get your order

*Mario leave as Ben just notices that someone isn’t with them*

Ben:....Where’s Barney?

Mary:Who’s Barney?

Ben:Huh? Oh no one I’ll be right ba-

Mary:Oh no you don’t. You’re staying right here I don’t want the highlight of this date be Cheery The Chipmunk

Ben:Right……….I’ll stay here

Mary:Good…….Now then what would you like to eat?

Ben:I don’t know I think I’d try the-

*Ben notices from the corner of his eye Barney in a purple tuxedo entering the stage*


*Mary looks at Ben*

Ben:.......These prices are ridiculous!

Mary:How gullible do you think I am?

Ben:When did you being gullible have to do with anything?

*Mary gasps*

Ben:Oh my god I’m so sorry that’s not what I meant

Barney:Ladies and Gentlemen, on behalf of Cannoli’s grand opening I’d like to invite all of you classy upstanding citizens to a old fashioned sing a long

*Barney elbows the karaoke machine as a jazz version of If All The Raindrops start’s up*

Barney:If all the raindrops were lemon drops and gumdrops Oh, what a rain that would be

*Ben tries to stand up*

Mary:Ben you promised

Barney:Standing outside with my mouth open wide Ah Ah-ah Ah Ah-ah Ah Ah-ah Ah If all the raindrops were lemon drops and gumdrops Oh, what a rain that would be

*We cut to one of the tables*

Restaurant goer 1:Is that a purple dinosaur?

Restaurant 2:Yes Yes it is

Barney:Standing outside with my mouth open wide

Restaurant 1:Eh why not?

Barney and the restaurant goers:Ah Ah-ah Ah Ah-ah Ah Ah-ah Ah

Barney:If all the snowflakes were candy bars and milkshakes Oh, what a snow that would be

*We go back to Ben’s table where Mario is taking the orders*

Mary:I’ll have the steak

Ben:I’ll have the gumdrops……..Er I mean the milkshakes….I’ll just have a salad

*Mario takes the menus and leaves*

*Ben looks at Mary nervously*

Ben:...How long is this song?

Barney:If all the raindrops were lemon drops and gumdrops Oh, what a rain that would be Standing outside with my mouth open wide

Barney and the left side of the restaurant:Ah Ah-ah Ah Ah-ah Ah Ah-ah Ah

Barney:If all the raindrops were lemon drops and gumdrops Oh, what a rain that would be

*Most of the customers get up and dance near the stage*

Barney:If all the snowflakes were candy bars and milkshakes Oh, what a snow that would be

*Mario walks out of the kitchen noticing the instrumental coming from the karaoke machine*

Mario:Is that thing on the fritz again?

*Mario takes a closer look at the stage as Barney magically appears*

Barney:With my mouth open wide

*Mario looks at Mr Cannoli who’s looking back at him not so happily*

Mario:This doesn’t look good…….

Barney:Oh, what a snow that would be

*We go back once again to the couple’s table where Ben is looking at the stage*

Mary:...........Fine go

*Ben runs up to the stage*

Barney:If all the raindrops were lemon drops and gumdrops Oh, what a rain that would be Standing outside with my mouth open wide

*Ben tries to get a closer view of the stage but the way get’s blocked*

Ben:Excuse me,Pardon

Barney:If all the raindrops were lemon drops and gumdrops Oh, what a rain that would Oh, what a Snow that would Oh, what a rain that would

Ben:Forget it


*Song ends*

*Ben goes back to the table*

Mary:Ben you’ve been acting like this  since the country fair is everything alright?

Ben:.....I- I can’t explain it

Mary:Then how do you expect me to help you?

*Mary grabs her purse*

Ben:Mary wait!

Mary:You know where to find me

*Mary leaves*

*Barney walks back*

Barney:Thank you! Thank you- Wait a minute! Where’s Mary?

Ben:I don’t want to talk about it

*Mario walks in*

Barney:Hi Mario

Mario:Hi I’m going to have to ask you guys to leave

Ben:What?!? Why?

*A flashback montage of Mario getting fired at various jobs (The last one revealing he was the one who was fired at Ben’s office job WAY back in the early parts of the film)*

Mario:Job security

Ben:I can’t believe this!

*Ben storms outside*

Barney:Oh dear……..It was great seeing you again Mario

Mario:.........Wish I could say the same for you.

*Barney walks out where Ben is trying to use his phone to call an Uber*

Barney:There you are Ben! You walked so fast out of there I could hardly keep up

Ben:There’s a good reason……….I was trying call an Uber ride so that I can pack for tomorrow…….Don’t follow me I want you out of my life

Barney:Come on Ben you don’t mean that

Ben:I mean every word. If it wasn’t because of you, then I still would have had the money from the fair job and Matthew would have had his original volcano project

Barney:But I didn’t break the volcano!

Ben:No but a friend you invited to the house did

Barney:It was an accident!   

Ben:Right…………...Just like when you told me (In as best of a Barney impression he can do) “Come on Ben! Go on that date even though you’re emotionally and financially broken! it’ll be all sunshine and rainbows!” Well news flash, Barney! Life isn’t like your televison series!

Barney:I know that, but....

Ben:And now I’m probably going to have to move back in with my dad! Do you know how embarrassing that’s going to be? *sighs* There’s no way he’s going to relate to what I’m going through.

Barney:You’d be surprised, Ben……

Ben:What do you mean by that?

*Barney makes a big door magically appear*

*Barney goes off screen*


*Ben walks to the front of the door*

Ben:Man I must be losing it………..

*Ben walks into what looks like his childhood home*

Ben:............This is the house I grew up in!

*Barney walks in*

Barney:And there you are

*Barney points to Ben as a child watching “Adventure In Make Believe” on the floor with the 3 dinos in plush form*

Ben:I don’t seem to understand why would you bring me here?

Barney:Follow me

*Barney and Ben walk to the couch where a much younger Mr Leach is shown stressing out over a lot of bill letters*

Mr Leach:I had no idea being laid off a shoe store would put me this far into debt! There’s gotta be a way to save money…..

*Mr Leach notices young Ben putting the VHS in it’s box and on a shelf with other VHS’s*

*2 smaller versions of himself (One dressed in white,The other in a red business suit) appear on Mr Leach’s shoulders*

Mr Leach (White):Don’t do it Richard. Ben’s too young to be forced out of his childhood

Mr Leach (Red):On the other hand it’s hard to have a childhood on the streets

Mr Leach  (White):Come on you’re overreacting the bills aren't that bad

*The Mr Leach in red gives the one in white a smaller version of one of the bills*

Mr Leach (White):Woah! Forget I said anything

*The smaller versions of himself disappears*

*Barney hands Ben a pamphlet*

Ben”How to deal with cruel irony in the family”? I don’t need a pamphlet!

Barney:Are you sure?

Ben:Yeah this is mere coincidence

*Ben gives Barney the pamphlet back*

*Time lapse fast forwards to Mr Leach putting all the VHS’s and 2 of the plush’s into a bag and giving it away*

*Young Ben walks in*

Young Ben:Hey Dad do you know where my stuff went?

Mr Leach:I don’t know how to tell you about this but………….Your stuff accidently fell into the donation box

Young Ben:....What? I can’t believe this!

*Young Ben runs back into the hallway*

Mr Leach:..............Poor guy but it’s for the future of our family

*Mr Leach stares at the home phone*

Mr Leach:.............That’s  not going to be enough tough

*Mr Leach runs to the home phone and picks it up*

Mr Leach:Hello? I’ll take your office job

*Barney hands Ben the pamphlet again*

*Ben tears the pamphlet and he and Barney walks out of the house  which brings them back outside the restaurant*

*The door magically disappears*

*Barney whistles as a magic carpet comes flying down*

*Barney walks unto it*

Barney:Hop aboard Ben!

Ben:......Whatever it’s not the weirdest thing I’ve seen today

*Ben sits on the magic carpet*

Barney:You might want to hold on

Ben:It’s a carpet why would I have to

*The magic carpet start’s to zoom to the sky*


*The carpet slows down speed giving a more scenic ride*

Ben:I can’t believe after all these years my dad never told me that he had similar troubles

Barney:I’m not a certified therapist….But I’d say the reason he never told you is the same reason you don’t want to tell Matthew

Ben:Yeah but to keep it for more then 20 years?

Barney:Sometimes people keep life changing things a secret to those they love in fear that it’ll split up the family…….The more they fear the longer the secret is kept

Ben:Wow……….And to think this is coming from the guy who’s well known for teaching colors and shapes

Barney:You might not see it on my show but after you reach a thousand you learn quite a lot of things

*The magic carpet get’s closer to Ben’s house*

Ben:......Wait one thing doesn’t add up if this is true then my dad didn’t keep that office job and he had to do part time jobs for the rest of his life, That much he did tell me so how could he be so happy go lucky after that?

*The carpet goes down and floats over a window*

Barney:This should be a good answer to your question

*Barney and Ben peek through the window seeing Mr Leach and Matthew on the couch bonding over “Let’s Go To The Firehouse”*

Ben:Some answer. They’re just bonding over the television



Barney:There we go

*The carpet starts flying again over the city*

Ben:You know being up here really makes you think……

Barney:What do you mean Ben?

Ben:Like if my dad can bounce back after a hard job loss I can to

Barney:Well imagine that

Ben:I don’t have to…….You did it for me

*Barney and Ben hug it out*

Ben:Look I’m sorry about what I said before you’ve showed me a lot of things I never would have seen if I didn’t imagine you here a couple days ago

Barney:It’s alright Ben and thank you…..The feeling’s mutual

Ben:Do you mind if we continue that imagination conversation we had when we first met? I promise I’ll listen this time

Barney:I’d thought you’d ever ask *Laughs*

*Just Imagine start’s up*

Barney:Just imagine, just imagine Just imagine all the things that we could be Imagine all the places we could go and see Imagination's fun for you and me

*The carpet flies over the moon with a hot air balloon going by*

Barney:We could go to the moon in a great big balloon

*The carpet flies over a sand castle on a beach side*

Barney:Build a castle by playing pretend

Ben:Could we even explore with a big dinosaur?

Barney:And make rainbows that never end!

*A rainbow magically appears where it stops is……….A mechanic's shop where Mr Belding is getting the keys to his car*

*Mr Belding leaves the place and gets into his car*

*A bit of Yankee Doodle is heard coming from his phone*

*Mr Belding checks his phone where he notices a purple text message that reads “Meet me outside Cannoli’s”*

Mr Belding:.....Huh wonder what this is about

*We then cut to Mary in a cab when suddenly the cab’s GPS changes course*

*The cab turns around*

Mary:Hey! This isn’t the route I told you to go

Cab Driver:The GPS says otherwise sweetheart

*We then cut to inside Cannoli’s where Mario is locking up*

Mr Cannoli’s voice:Mario! Come in here

Mario:*Sighs* here we go……….

*Mario walks into Mr Cannoli’s who gives Mario a piece of paper that reads “900”*

Mario:What’s this?

Mr Cannoli:This is the number of people who posted about us in social media! We’re also  getting phone calls up the roof about how-a much they loved how we got Barney. Mario my boy you’re idea worked great!

Mario:My idea?

Mr Cannoli:Wasn’t it your idea to get Barney to appear at our restaurant opening?

Mario:Yes it was…..Of course! It was my idea uncle er I mean Mr Cannoli

*Mr Cannoli get’s up from his desk*

Mr Cannoli:Please Mario….From now call me uncle

Mario:...........OK uncle!

*Mario and Mr Cannoli hug*

Mr Cannoli:....How does a manager position sound to you?

Mario:That sounds great!

Mr Cannoli:Then it’s offical!

*Mario looks out Mr Cannoli’s window and notices a crowd forming*

Mario:What the heck is going on outside?

Mr Cannoli:Let’s find out come on

*Mr Cannoli leaves the office*


*Mario leaves the office as it transits outside*

Mario:We could go anywhere We can be anyone

Mr Cannoli:We can do it quite easily too

*Guitar Guy from earlier in the film walks through*

Guitar Guy:We just play let's pretend and we know in the end,  That it's so much fun to do

*Barney and Ben still on the magic carpets start’s to fly towards the front of the restaurant*

Barney,Ben and the crowd:Just imagine, just imagine Just imagine all the things that we could be Imagine all the places we could go and see Imagination's fun for you and me.

Ben:Imagination's fun for you and me.

Barney: You’ve got it, Ben.

*Song ends as the crowd diminishes*

*The magic carpet lands with Barney and Ben getting off it*

Barney:Thanks for the ride!

*The carpet flies up and offscreen*

Barney:Bye bye *Laughs*

*Barney walks offscreen*

*Mr Belding walks towards Ben*

Mr Belding:Ben! Long time no see

Ben:Mr Belding……...Did you come here to fire me again?

Mr Belding:Quite the contrary

*Just then Ben’s old boss comes jogging through*

Mr Belding:I’m here to offer you a job Ben

Former Boss:.........What?!?

Mr Belding:One of our teachers just retired……...I was wondering if you would like to replace her

Ben:Oh my god yes! A million times yes! Teaching has always been a dream of mine

Mr Belding:That’s what you’re friend said when he came to me

*Ben looks at Barney talking to a little girl*

Ben:And I’ll be sure to thank that friend for this opportunity

*The former boss kicks the wall of the front of Cannoli’s*

Barney’s voice:You’re paying for that!

*Barney magically appears in front of the former boss chuckling*

*The former boss faints*

*Mario walks in*

Mario:Hey Barney can we talk?

Barney:Sure Mario what’s going on?

Mario:I want to apologize for brushing you off the way I did earlier tonight I thought that you being there would anger my uncle…..But it’s had the opposite effect I got promoted

Barney:That’s great to hear I’ve known you’ve had it rough on the job front I know you’ll make a great manager

*Barney notices Mary walking*

Barney:Oh and speaking of helping friends I better go I’ll see you later Mario

Mario:You to

*Ben runs over to Mary*

Ben:Mary hold up!

Mary:Go away Ben

Ben:Come on I understand I’ve been an idiot

*Mary stops walking and turns to Ben*

Mary:Idiot is an understatement

Ben:But just hear me out…...I have a friend that can sum up everything

*Mary looks around*

Mary:I don’t see anybody

Ben:Close your eyes


Ben:Just trust me on this! Close your eyes

*Mary closes her eyes*

Mary:Now what?

Ben:Use your imagination

*Barney magically appears behind Mary*

Ben:OK open your eyes and turn around

*Mary opens her eyes and turns around*

Ben:Mary…...This is my good friend Barney The Dinosaur

*Mary gasps*

Mary:I haven’t seen you since I was a little girl

Barney:And you still look as beautiful as ever Mary…. Or should I address you as Ms White?

Mary:M-Mary’s fine. So this entire time when you were spazzing out it was actually you trying to hide Barney?

Ben:In a sense yeah……..Only select people can see him and

Mary:I was one of the majority who couldn’t


Barney:That said you’re probably the first I’ve seen

Mary:The first of what?

Barney:The first person who found a way to imagine again

Mary:Oh that reminds me I was going to ask you something before I stormed out


Mary:My house is getting painted for a couple weeks and I was wondering if I could live with you guys until everything’s painted

Ben:Sure me casa y su Pina’s

*Mary and Barney laugh a bit*

Ben:What’s so funny?

Mary:You just said “My house is your pineapple”

Ben:Oh. But you know what I mean

Barney:You can sleep in the guest room I’m sure I can find a dino sized couch

Mary:Thanks for the offer Barney……...But I was hoping that Ben wouldn’t mind a room mate

Barney:Ohhhh I get what you're saying *Laughs*

Ben:Sure……..Let’s go back home and tell Matthew

*Scene transits to the Leach homestead where Ben,Barney and Mary walk in*

*Matthew and Mr Leach turns off the TV and get’s off the couch*

Ben:What are you still doing up sport?

Matthew:Grandpa let me stay up late since it’s a weekend

Ben:Really now? Well that’s definitely  going to affect how much Grandpa’s getting paid

Mr Leach:You don’t have to pay me Ben today’s economy is tough I’d be much happier if you keep every cent you have that way you’ll have a better chance at being financially safe

Ben:Thanks for the advice Dad

Mr Leach:And might I ask who this lovely lady is?

Ben:This is my friend Mary

Mr Leach:Enchanted

*Mr Leach kisses Mary’s hand*

Mary:Well now I know where Ben got his suaveness from

Mr Leach:I better get going it’s a hour’s drive back home

Barney:Actually I know a quick way to get to your house in about 15 minutes or less

Mr Leach:Really?

Barney:Yeah do you have a GPS?

Mr Leach:It’s in my car

Barney:OK I’ll walk you to the car and give you the directions

Mr Leach:Sounds good

*Mr Leach and Ben shake hands*

Ben:Have a safe drive home

Mr Leach:Thank you oh and just between you and me Ben


Mr Leach:You got a really special house guest here

Ben:....I think so to

Mr Leach:Shall we go Barney?

Barney:Sure now what you want to do is get off on the first exit and go through the interstate the traffic isn’t actually that bad this time of night

*Barney continues giving Mr Leach directions as they leave outside*

Ben:Matthew since you’re still up Ms White and I have some big news

Matthew:What is it?

Ben:Well you see

Mary:You don’t mind if I explain do you Ben?

Ben:Go right ahead

Mary:My house is getting painted and since I need a place to stay your dad and I have decided that it’d be great for me to live here with you guys for a couple weeks

Matthew:That sounds great! And I guess that means since you're living with us I don’t have to work as hard on my homework

Mary:On the contrary it actually means that if you’re late on you’re then you’d have no excuse…...Understand?

Matthew:Loud and clear Ms White

Mary:Please call me Mary outside of class

Matthew:Mary……...I like that name

Ben:Same here

*Doorbell ring is heard*

Ben:Who could that be at this hour?

*Ben answers the door being greeted by Mr Delivery Man*

Mr Delivery Man:Got a package here for a Mr………

*Mr Delivery Man looks on the package*

Mr Delivery Man:Ben Leach?

Ben:That’s me

Mr Delivery Man:Alright then here you go

*Mr Delivery Man hands Ben the package*

Mr Delivery Man:Have a good evening

*Ben closes the door*

Matthew:What is it Dad?

Ben:It looks like a package

Mary:We can see that captain obvious we’re wondering what’s in the package

*Barney comes back in*

Barney:It’s amazing how far technology has come these days…..Oh boy my package I sent you came! *Laughs*

Ben:You sent this?

Matthew:I wonder what it is…..

Mary:There’s only one way to find out open it up Ben!

Barney:I think you’ll be in for a big surprise *Laughs*


*Ben opens up the package*

Ben:It’s a note

*Ben takes the note out and  hands Mary the box while he takes off the purple band around the note*

Ben:If you’re reading this congratulations you passed the first step now for step 2 put the box down

*Mary puts the box down*

Ben:Step 3 stand back

*Ben,Mary and Matthew ponder in confusion*

*A magic ball of light comes out of the box and rushes up the stairs*

Ben:OK I did not expect that

Mary:Can’t be the weirdest thing you’ve seen this week

Matthew:Let’s follow it!

Barney:That’s a great idea

*Barney goes up the stairs humming*

*Barney leans forward on the stair railing*

Barney:Well? Are you coming?

*Ben,Mary and Matthew goes upstairs as the scene transits to the 4 of them entering in the  guest room*

*Ben notices a bag on the bed which is full of the things he grew up with*

Ben:These are all the stuff I had when I was Matthew’s age

*Ben picks up the new Riff plush in the bag*

Ben:Well almost all of them      

Barney:That’s there to remind you that whether be old or new it’s good to remember all the fun times*

*Mary takes out the envelope in the bag and notices some wording on it*

Mary:”Here’s a little something. After all a little kindness goes a long way to help someone you love” That’s really poetic I wonder who thought of that

*Barney taps Mary on the shoulder*

Mary:As if I had to ask

*Mary hands Ben the envelope and moves the bag from the bed into the hallway and closing the door*

*Ben opens the envelope*

Ben:I don’t believe this


Ben:It’s the exact sum of cash I owe…….It’s uncanny

Barney:I did say I bring extra…...And beside I don’t have to worry about rent or bills when you live in your imagination it’s free!

Ben:Thanks Barney

*Ben and Barney hug again*

*Mary notices the time on the clock next to Barney’s bed*

Mary:Hey! I didn’t even realize how late it was until now

Ben:Yeah…………….It’s midnight I got the money with seconds to spare

Barney:You sure did well I’d better be going

*Barney almost leaves the room*

Mary:Wait a second!

*Ben,Matthew and Mary block the doorway*

Mary:You don’t have to leave now Barney

Matthew:Yeah please stay. For as long as you want

Barney:I made a deal with Ben and that deal is up……….He did say after all come Saturday morning he wants me go-

Ben:I don’t care what I said

*Ben holds Barney’s hand as they walk towards the bed*

Ben:If this was the me 2 days ago I would want you gone………….But the me right now doesn’t want you to go away completely………

*Ben brings Matthew over*

Ben:We think of you as part of our family

Barney:Thank you I think of you as my family to

*Barney brings Mary over and hands her over to Ben and Matthew*

Barney:All 3 of you   

*I Love You start’s up as Barney hugs both Ben and Mary*

Barney:I love you,You love me we’re a happy family with a great big hug and a kiss from me to you. Won’t you say you love me too?

*Barney hugs Matthew as all 4 of them hold hands*

The cast:I love you,You love me we’re best friends like friend should be. With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you won’t you say you love me too?

*Mary kisses Ben quickly on the lips*

Ben:*Gasps* Mary! Why did you………

Mary:Kiss you just then?

Ben:No…………….Why did you stop?

*Mary and Ben kiss on the lips (This one lasting a couple more seconds)*

*Barney goes off camera as the room magically turns back into what it was before (Writer's note during the last few words in the third verse Barney’s voice gradually fades out*

The cast:I love you,You love me we’re a happy family with a great big hug and a kiss from me to you. Won’t you say you love me too?

*Song ends as the newly formed family group hug*

*A bright purple light is shown in front of them as the room starts to get windy*

Ben:Where’s that breeze coming from?


*Camera cuts to a much smaller Barn-ado this one fading pretty quickly*

*Barney (Now a plush and a much cleaner one at that) comes out of the tornado and starts to fall*

*Matthew catches the doll just in time*

Matthew:He looks as good as new

Ben:Mind if I see him sport?

*Matthew hands Ben the doll*

Ben:Thanks for everything, old friend. I wouldn’t have been able to get my life back together if it wasn’t for your help

*Ben puts the doll on the bed*

Matthew:Do you think Barney  will come back anytime soon?

Mary:He’s always with us Matthew……...In here

*Mary points to Matthew’s head*

Mary:And here

*Mary points to Matthew’s chest*

Ben:Come on let’s get some sleep

*Ben,Matthew and Mary leave as the camera zooms unto the doll*

*The doll winks as a familiar chuckle is heard one final time*

Ben’s voice:And just like that my new life began

*Scene transits to a new living room where an Older Ben is sitting in a recliner with 2 kids on the floor*

Kid 1:That’s a great story grandpa…...But whatever happened to Mary?

Ben:Well she

*An older Mary walks in*

Mary:She stayed at the house longer and married your grandfather

Ben:And we’ve had 50 happy years since then…………...Now then who wants to go outside and play pretend?


*Magic sparkles are seen behind them as a familiar dino-sized shadow is seen*

Barney’s voice:Did someone say pretend? *Laughs*

*Camera goes to the table next to the recliner that shows 2 pictures on the table one of Ben and Barney when he was younger and a more recent picture of Ben,Mary and Matthew*

*Credits roll*

*After the first row of credits it transits to outside the school with Ben and Matthew walking in*

Matthew:New school year……….

Ben:Yep I hope you like your new teacher


*Ben and Matthew walk up to the new treehouse just built*

Ben:A lot of people have donated something……...Why don’t we donate to this treehouse?

*Matthew takes the Barney plush out of his backpack*

Mathew:How about this?


*Matthew hands Ben the Barney plush and Ben puts the plush on the treehouse steps*

*Matthew and Ben leave as the set magically changes to a new B&F like school set (With the treehouse moved to the right instead of the left) and the doll turns into the season 7-13 doll which it winks*

*The credits resume as normal*

*End of film*   

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