Barney's Out of This World Show! was a mini tour show promoting the release of Let's Go Places

Show DescriptionEdit

Barney's coming to your local place in his new show: Barney's Out Of This World LIVE. Sing along with this dino-mite, perfectly purple pal as he takes you on an imaginary trip to different places!


  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. If Your Happy And You Know It
  3. Mr Knickerbocker
  4. Imagination Medley (Imagine A Place, Just Imagine (one part) Let's Go)
  5. Turkey In The Straw
  6. La Derecha 
  7. When the Circus Comes To Town
  8. Laugh With Me
  9. If You Imagine
  10. I Love You


Many of the songs (with the exception of If Your Happy And You Know It and Mr Knickerbocker) are taken directly from Let's Go Places but some are rerecorded to have just Barney singing them (The most noteable one being La Derecha)

Dispite the video this is based on having a Castle scene there's no refrence to it as well as no songs from the scene due to time constraints 

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