Barney & Friends The Complete Sixth Season
Barney & Friends: The Complete Sixth Season
is a Barney & Friends Video Box Set released on May 21, 2000. The set is all 20 episodes of the sixth season released to VHS.


Tape 1:

  1. Stick with Imagination!
  2. Itty Bitty Bugs
  3. Grandparents Are Grand
  4. Snack Time!
  5. A Sunny, Snowy Day

Tape 2:

  1. You've Got to Have Art
  2. Five Kinds of Fun!
  3. Count Me In!
  4. Who's Who at the Zoo?
  5. Birthday Olé

Tape 3:

  1. Excellent Exercise!
  2. Brushing Up on Teeth
  3. A "Little" Mother Goose
  4. Good Job!
  5. It's Home to Me

Tape 4:

  1. How Does Your Garden Grow?
  2. You Can Do It!
  3. Here Comes the Firetruck!
  4. Ready, Set, Go!
  5. You Are Special



  • This is the first season of Barney & Friends to be released to DVD.

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