Barney & Friends: The Complete Tenth Season is a Barney & Friends Video Box Set released on November 13, 2006. The set contains all 40 episodes of the tenth season released to DVD.

Episodes Edit

Disc 1 Edit

  • "Welcome, Cousin Riff" "Special Skills"
  • "Airplanes" and "Boats"
  • "Butterflies" and "Bugs"
  • "Shapes" and "Colors"
  • "Seeing" and "Hearing"

Disc 2 Edit

  • "Glad to Be Me" and "Arts"
  • "Movement" and "BJ's Snack Attack"
  • "Counting" and "Letters"
  • "Pets" and "Vets"
  • "Winter" and "Summer"

Disc 3 Edit

  • "Caring" and Rhythm"
  • "Playing Games" and "Fun with Reading"
  • "Making Mistakes" and "Separation"
  • "Days of the Week" and "Sharing"
  • "Rabbit" and "Ducks and Fish"

Disc 4 Edit

  • "Mother Goose" and "Fairy Tales"
  • "Things I Can Do" and "Differences"
  • "Dancing" and Singing"
  • "Neighborhoods" and "Careers"
  • "China" and "Kenya"

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first Barney & Friends Complete Set Season not to be released on VHS.