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Barney & Friends is a continuation of the award-winning PBS series of the same name, created as a revival to the declining brand. The series also has a spin-off entitled Our Special Friend Barney.


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The series returns to a familiar suburban school set, complete with a playground. However, the playground contains various set pieces from Barney's entire career on PBS including a tire swing on one of the trees, a wooden playset, and an Idea Bench set beside the play area. The classroom, on the other hand, is more original, though it contains similar elements to those in previous seasons. A treehouse stands right by the school and greatly resembles that of seasons past.


  • Barney - Voice and Costume TBA
  • Baby Bop - Voiced by Julie Johnson; Played by Lauren Mayeux
  • BJ - Voiced by Patty Wirtz; Played by Kyle Nelson
  • Riff - Voiced by Michaela Dietz; Played by Jerad Harris
  • Karen (appears on "Our Special Friend Barney" as well)
  • Marie
  • Chris
  • Joey
  • Isaiah
  • Sophia
  • Ethan
  • Matthew
  • Mario Cannoli
  • Mr. Cannoli
  • Rickey the Traveller


Season 15Edit

  1. Let's Be Friends
  2. Miles of Fun
  3. Color My World
  4. Way to Count
  5. If You Imagine
  6. A Family Is Love
  7. Our Animal Friends
  8. Around the World in a Day 
  9. Music is for Everyone 
  10. A Polite Picnic
  11. T for Teamwork
  12. I Used to Be Afraid 
  13. A Friend for All Seasons 
  14. Shining Bright, Day and Night 
  15. Let's Put On a Show
  16. It's Easy Goin Green
  17. Lots of Letters
  18. Makes Sense to Me
  19. We're All Special
  20. Barney's Stu-u-u-pendous Birthday

Season 16Edit

(Episode list not finished. Order subject to change)

  1. What Can I Be?
  2. Games Galore
  3. What's That Sound?
  4. Shapes, Shapes Everywhere
  5. Our Buzzing Buggy Buddies
  6. Give it a Try


  • Dean Wendt was replaced with a new actor to voice Barney, to give the show a nostalgic feel.
  • The little dinos' actors return to reprise their roles.