• After the theme song we see the kids looking for books in The Libary*

Kristy:hey Jimmy what do you think about this book? 

Jimmy:Mother Goose rhymes ......I think that should stay in the libary just in case we want to read it again 


  • Charles enters*

Charles:I was wondering where everyone was hey guize hi Barney *pats the doll on the head*

  • Jimmy and Kristy greet Charles*

Charles:what are you doing up here with so many books?

Jimmy:didnt you hear? The Hangout's been asked to donate a few books for the schools book fair 

Kristy:Want to help Charles? 

Charles:no I'll pass 

Kristy:Whatever you say 

Jimmy:You Know finding so many of these books I foregot how much fun it is to read

  • Books are fun plays*
  • chours*

Jimmy and Kristy:Books Are Fun , Books are Great lets sit down and read a book today books are fun books are great , Is it book time yet? oh I just can't wait read a book 

Kristy:Do you know why I love to read a book? Everytime i get so happy each time I take a look? Cause books can take me anywhere that I want to go Books help my Imagination grow 

  • Repat chours*

Jimmy:Books are fun to read , I like the pictures to i like to snuggle up and read with someone like you

Kristy:So Many Cool Stories And Many More to learn Good things Come with Every Page I turn

  • Repeat chours"

Jimmy and Kristy:Book book , book , book read a book , book , book , book read a book , book , book , book

read a book!

  • throws book as one hits the Barney Dolls head*
  • Barney comes to life*

Barney:Hi Everybody *laughs* 

the kids:BARNEY!!!!!

Barney:Oh will you look at all of these books what are they for?

Kristy:We've been collecting them for the middle school book fair 

Jimmy:These books are going to be sold for kids to read

Barney:oh thats so nice , you know when you open up a book and use your imaginations just about anything can happen


Barney:yep oh i just love to read *laughs*

  • I Love To Read plays*

Barney:Looking at the pictures looking at the words , I love to read a brand new story or one i've heard , i love to read 

Jimmy:Reading a book or a magazine that i never read before , I find out what i want to know ...and i read some more!

Barney ,Jimmy and Kristy:looking at the pictures looking at the words , I love to read a brand new story or one i've heard i love to read 

Kristy:Reading the signs along the way To see what they have to say.

Jimmy:Or reading the back of a cereal box. Hey! I can read all day.

Barney Jimmy and Kristy:Looking at the pictures, looking at the words. I love to read. A brand new story or one I've heard. I love to read.

Barney:i love to read 

Jimmy and Kristy:I Love To Read

Barney:I love to read 

Jimmy and Kristy:I love to read 

Barney , Jimmy and Kristy:I love to read I love to read!

  • song ends*

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