*After the theme song we see Fred and Jasmine making kites*

Fred:And according to this book we're done 

Jasmine:Are the kites ready to fly?

Fred:There's one way to find out let's tie them up and test them out!

*Fred and Jasmine ties they're Kites togther as My Kite plays*

Jasmine:Flying so high with its tail in the breeze Up in the air with the greatest of ease

Fred:Flipping and dipping with colors so bright

Fred and Jasmine:I love to fly my kite Whirling, twirling, high in the air Whirling, twirling, floating up there At the end of the string, it's a wonderful thing I love to fly my kite

*Barney comes to life*

Barney:Hi everybody

Fred and Jasmine:Barney!

Barney:What are you doing?

Fred:Flying kites.......want to join us?

Barney:I'd love to!

*Barney makes a kite magicly appear (made to look like his back (complate with green spots)*

Barney:Look at it flutter and dance all around Hear the wind blowing it high off the ground

Fred:Feel the string tugging and just hold on tight

Barney ,Fred and Jasmine:And you can fly a kite Whirling, twirling, high in the air Whirling, twirling, floating up there At the end of the string, it's a wonderful thing I love to fly my kite 

*Song ends as Jasmine loses grip of her kite as it goes up a tree branch*

Jasmine:Oh no my kite!

Fred:Wow it looks really high up 

Barney:It does but I think I can grab it if I just ju-

BJ's voice:Have no fear Captian Pickles is here! 

Fred and Jasmine:Huh?

*BJ appears VIA Yellow sparkles dressed as Captian Pickes*

*Barney and the kids greet BJ*

BJ:BJ? who's BJ? I'm Captian Pickles I'm super sour and I'm super strong and I'm also super chruncy

Barney:Well Captian Pickles we appriacte your help but I think I can reach it just fin-

BJ:Not to worry citazen Barney I'll  get that kite for you Jasmine with my super jump

*BJ trys to jump several times*

*Scene transits to Fred and Jasmine sitting on the idea bench and Barney reading a book as BJ is still trying to jump to get the kite*

BJ:I almost got it 

*Barney puts his book*

Barney:Mind if I try?

BJ:You can try 


*Barney hops up and grabs the kite*

Barney:Here you go Jasmine

Jasmine:Thank you Barney

BJ:I-I could have done that I just wasn't in tip top shape yet

Fred:Sure you could have..........We should probably put up the kties

BJ:I'll escort you .......You never know what evil lurks in the hangout

*BJ micciks he's flying as he runs off screan*

*Fred and Jasmine look confused*

Fred (whispers):Hey Barney?

Barne:Yes Fred?

Fred:Is it just me or is BJ acting really strange today?

Barney:Now that you mention it there is something ........diffrent about him but maybe it's just a game he's playing 

Fred:I guess..........

Jimmy's voice:BJ LOOK OUT

*Chrasing sound is heard*

Jasmine:Uh-oh ......That doesn't sound good

Barne:We should probably go check to see what's going on

Fred and Jasmine:Right

*Scene transits to the main hangout where a broken daiorama of the planets is on the cofee table*

Jimmy:Aww'll take me forever to peice this back together

BJ:Have no fear! I can help you again 

Jimmy:I've think you've helped me enough 

BJ:Well then I guess my work here is done I'm off to help more people

Jimmy:You do that 

*Barney,Fred and Jasmine run in*

Barney:Is everything alright in here?

Jimmy:Not really..................BJ came running in here and knocked  over my progject for my science class ..........he kept on saying he was "Captian Pickles" 

Jasmine:Something seems to definatly be up..........

Fred:He tried to help us to but it didn't go to well

Jimmy:I really hope BJ doesn't turn turn the hangout upside down with trying to help everyone

*Scene transits to the kitchen where Amy is baking muffins humming "The Muffin Man*

*Oven bell rings*

Amy:Oh they're done

*BJ runs in*

BJ:Have no fear Captian Pickles is here

Amy:Oh hey there BJ

BJ:Captian Pickles 

Amy:Whatever your just in time for some muffins 

*Amy get's the oven gloves*

BJ:Hold on Citazen Amy what do you think your doing?

Amy:...........I was taking the muffins out

BJ:But you need an adult with you to take them out

Amy:I know that but I don't think I need to

*BJ goes on a short ramble as a smoke alarm sound is heard*


*Amy takes them out as she notices the muffins have burnt*

Amy:Great.........they're burnt

BJ:No need to thank me I'm just happy to help

*Amy gives him an angry stare*

BJ:I'll  .............just go patrol the music room

*BJ runs away as Barney and the kids enter*

Jimmy:We heard the smoke alarm is everything ..........oh Captian Pickles was here?


Fred:I'm starting to think that BJ might not be playing a game here

Barney:I admire him for wanting to help people but it doesn't seem to be working out to much

Riff's voice:BJ don't press that it's not wroking well

Jasmine:Uh-oh.........Captian Pickles rides again 

Fred:Let's go guys

*Scene transits to Barney and the kids running into the music room*

Barney:Is everything alright Riff? 

Riff:Kind of ................Apperntly BJ wanted to help me fix the happy dancin music machine .......but everything got loose and the machine went kablooy! 

Amy:Does it still work?

Riff:I think I got the bugs out but I think I should test out with the music track that's pre set to it........can you guys help me test it out

*Barney and the kids agree*

Riff:Great! *Laughs* let's all get in a circle then

Jimmy:What song is pre set Riff?

Riff:Looby Loo of course

Barney:That's a great one!

*Looby Loo plays*

The Cast:Here we go looby loo.  Here we go looby light. Here we go looby loo all on a Saturday night.

Riff:I put my right hand in, I put my right hand out. I give my hand a shake, shake, shake and turn myself about.

The cast:Here we go looby loo. Here we go looby light .Here we go looby loo all on a Saturday night.

Fred:I put my left hand in, I put my left hand out.I give my hand a shake, shake, shake and turn myself about.

The cast:Here we go looby loo. Here we go looby light. Here we go looby loo all on a Saturday night.

Amy:I put my right foot in, I put my right foot out. I give my foot a shake, shake, shake and turn myself about.

The cast:Here we go looby loo. Here we go looby light. Here we go looby loo all on a Saturday night.

Jimmy:I put my left foot in, I put my left foot out.I give my foot a shake, shake, shake and turn myself about.

The cast:Here we go looby loo. Here we go looby light. Here we go looby loo all on a Saturday night.

Barney:We put our whole self in, We put our whole self out.We give ourselves a shake, shake, shake and turn myself about.

The cast:Here we go looby loo. Here we go looby light.Here we go looby loo all on a Saturday night.

*Song ends as the scene transits to the main hangout's windows*

Ms Etta:Oh my this place has really gone hero crazy wouldn't you say Scooter?  ........Uhhh Scooter?

Scooter's voice:Scooter isn't here today Ms Etta I'm Squirrel Boy! Watch me fly in 

Ms Etta:Oh dear Scooter please do be careful. Your not a flying squirrel

Scooter:Just watch me up up and awa-

*Scooter falls off as a thud is heard*

Ms Etta:Scooter! Are you alright?!?

Scooter:I'm OK ............Maybe I should stick to climbing on trees to travel

Ms Etta:Good idea 

*Scene transits back to the music room as the kids are sitting down relaxing and Riff is still working on the happy dancing music machine* 

Barney:Any progress on the happy dancing music machine Riff?

Riff:Still a bit broken ..........don't know if I have the right parts to fix it right now I think I'll take a little break on this 

Barney:Good idea

Fred:What are going to do about BJ tough? 

Jasmine:Yeah he almost burnt the kitchen down because he tought he was helping

Barney:Well his heart's in the right place............but maybe not in the place we want it to be in 

Jimmy:We know that this isn't the first time he's played as Captian Pickles ..........But as he ever done anything crazy as his super hero?

Riff:Well the only crazy thing I think of is that he tried to jump to the moon last time......Other then that no 

Amy:With the way the hangout's been today I wouldn't be surprised if we had to go to the moon just to take a break from that dilly of a hero

Barney:I'll go talk to him ........Maybe I can find out why he's acting so......strange today. See you in a bit

*Riff and the kids wave goodbye to Barney as the scene transits to BJ reading comic books in the libary*

BJ:And so Stupendous Man saves the city again........Wow being a super hero sounds exicting if only I could do things like stupendous man ........But then again  I think when I'm Captian Pickles can do just about anything stupendous man can do

*Captian Pickles (song) starts playing*

BJ:I'm Captain Pickles - what a guy!I can run and jump and fly! I'm a hero, through and through. Saving people is what I do!

*BJ turns to the front of the camera*

BJ:Do you want to be a hero to? Well come and join me in some super hero exercises I'm Captain Pickles; I can run! I do it happily. Super-Sour, pickle-power,run, run, run, with me! I'm Captain Pickles; I can jump! I do it happily. Super-Sour, pickle-power, jump, jump, jump, with me! Now let's fly I'm Captain Pickles; I can fly! I do it happily. Super-Sour, pickle-power, fly, fly, fly, with me! I'm Captain Pickles - what a guy!I can run and jump and fly I'm a hero, through and through.Saving people is what I do! 

*Song ends*

BJ:Wow your a great hero!

*Barney enters the set*

Barney:Hi BJ do you mind if we talk a bit?

BJ:Sure Barney just let me put this comic book I was reading on the table

*BJ sets the comic book down*

Barney:Your catching up on your reading?

BJ:Yeah ..............Stupendous Man seems really really cool

Barney:I see your pretending to be a super hero like Stupendous Man?

BJ:I'm not pretending Barney I'm trying to be like a real super hero. Heros seems more exicting then just plain old BJ

Barney:But BJ oh sorry Captian I don't think there's anything wrong with "Plain old BJ" 

BJ:I don't?

Barney:No you just got to be you

*You've Got To Be You plays*

Barney:Oh, you've got to be you. I've got to be me It's as simple as 1-2-3 Nobody else can do it like you do,'Cause you've got to be you. I can dance and I can sing I can run and jump and swing I can do it my own way And that is why I'm here to say:Oh, you've got to be you. I've got to be me It's as simple as A-B-C Nobody else can do it like you do,'Cause you've got to be you.

BJ:So I can dance?


BJ:and I can sing

Barney:You can do most anything you can do it your own way And that is why I'm here to say:Oh, you've got to be you. I've got to be me It's as simple as do-re-mi. Nobody else can do it like you do,'Cause you've got to be you. 

*Song ends*

BJ:That sounds great and all Barney but I still don't see how being myself will make me special

Barney:I see that but 

BJ:Now if you excuse me I need to get back to my reading

Barney:OK but I think I need to tell you one last thing before I go-

BJ:I'll see you later Barney when I'm done reading

Barney:Alright ............I'll see you later then.....I guess 

*Barney leaves the libary as the scene transits back to the music room where Riff and the kids are playing various*

*Barney walks in  *

Amy:How did the talk go Barney?

Barney:Not that well but I think I found out why BJ has been acting the way he is today

The kids:Why?!?

Barney:Well I noticed that he's been reading some comic books and he thinks if he becomes a super hero to he'd be more special

Jimmy:That's ridiculous

Amy:Yeah we like BJ just the way he is as a friend

Riff:BJ is the bestest best cousin I have .......Aside from Baby Bop of course *laughs*

Fred:Yeah I wish there was some way we could show them that he doesn't have to be a hero to be special

Scooter's voice:Does someone need a hero?

*Scooter pops up behind the happy dancing music machine*

Jimmy:Oh no not you to Scooter

Scooter:I'm not just Scooter Jimmy I'm squirrel boy!

Barney ,Riff and the kids:Ay-yi-yi..............

Jasmine:Even Scooter thinks he needs to be someone he's not........

*A blue door magicly appears*

*Rickey walks in tugging on a fishing pole*

Rickey:Almost got it..........almost got it 

*Rickey pulls in his hat on the fishing pole*

Rickey:So that's where my hat went..........

*Rickey emptys his hat as water falls*

Rickey:There we go!

Barney, Riff and the kids:Rickey!

Rickey:Ello chaps,Ello Barney...........excuse me one second

*Rickey pulls a goldfish out of his hat*

Rickey:So that's where my pet fish was.......Go on now Willy your free 

*Rickey throws the fish back in the doors as a splash sound effect is heard and he puts his hat back on*

Rickey:I was doing a spot of fishing when I heard.............Uh Scooter is that you? it's hard to tell behind that mask

Scooter:Yep it's me I'm squirrel boy!

Rickey:So you are.........................

Riff:We've been having a bit of an idenity crisis today Rickey

Amy:BJ's also trying to be a hero all because he doesn't feel special

Rickey:I see...........This reminds me of a story I've heard in my travles about an animal who tried to be someone he wasn't to feel special do you want to hear it?

Barney ,Riff and the kids:Yeah! 

Rickey:Great! Now like every good story it begins with 4 words,Once upon a time 

Scooter:I love stories that start out with that

*Scene transits to Amy (Dressed as a farmer) and Fred (Dressed as a Donkey) walking to home*

Rickey's voice:There was a kindly old farmer who lived all by herself with her animals. Everyday she would walk with her Donkey to do errands and farm work and every night she would go in and have dinner while the Donkey stayed outside. One day after the farm work was all said and done the Donkey wanted to go in with her

Fred:Can I please come in with you Farmer? Hee-haw Hee-haw

Amy:Sorry Donkey you know you have to stay out here. I'll see you in the morning

Fred (in a sad tone):Hee-Haw ....Hee-haw

Rickey's voice:Of course this isn't the first the Donkey has heard this but he was very courious to see what the farmer does at night So he went to the window and to his surprise he saw the Farmer with a cat

Fred (Donkey):It seems like the farmer loves her cat more then me..........But why is that?

*Shows Jasmine (Dressed like a furr-er cat) leaning on Amy*

Fred's voice:I mean I could lean on the farmer 

*Shows Jasmine chasing a mouse*

Fred's voice:And chase mice

*Shows Jasmine drinking a milk carton* 

Fred's voice:And drink milk 

*Camera cuts to Fred looking out the window*

Fred:And maybe if I do those things the farmer would think I'm somebody special 

Rickey's voice:So The Donkey runs in and trys to do the things the cat does he trys to lean on the farmer

Amy:Donkey what you doing? I'm going to

*Amy falls over* 


*Jasmine helps Amy up as a mouse goes running by*

Rickey's voice:He trys to catch the mouse

*Fred runs after the mouse as chrasing sounds is heard*

*Fred limps back*

Fred:Heeee-ouch Heee.......owie 

Rickey:He even trys to drink milk like the cat does 

*Fred grabs a milk carton as he trys to open it*

Amy:Donkey? What are you doing?

Fred:I'm trying to open this carton so I can drink it like the cat 

Amy:Do you want me to help you?

Fred:No I

*Carton breaks*

Fred:Got it........................

Amy:Donkey why are you trying to act like my cat?

Fred:I saw how you treated the cat and I tought if I acted like her you'd think I'm special to

Amy:But Donkey I do think your special,You just make a good Donkey rather then a cat

Rickey's voice:The Donkey learned a very important lesson that day and he's also made a new friend......The  cat 

*Shows Amy, Fred and Jasmine hugging as the scene transits back to the music room*

Rickey:The end 

*The cast cheers*

Rickey:Can anybody guess the lesson in the story?

Scooter:Oh oh pick me!

Rickey:Yes Scooter?

Scooter:The lesson is that Donkey's don't make good indoor pets right? right?

Rickey:That's a good one but I'm afraid not the lesson to this story

Jasmine:I think I might know what it is................Be yourself and people will like you all the same

Rickey:Exactamundo Jasmine. Well I'd love to stay and help you with your problems with BJ but I should probably go back to fish

Jimmy:Your story more then hepled us Rickey

Rickey:I'm gald to hear that Jimmy ........I'll see you all later 

*Rickey whistles "If I Had One Wish" as he walks to his door*

*Barney,Riff,Scooter and the kids say goodbye to Rickey*

Rickey:Or as my cousin says toodles

*Rickey closes his blue door as it magicly dissappears*

Scooter:You know that story was so great I'm going to go tell it to Ms Etta.......Gotta scoot

*Scooter exits the set*

Jimmy:You know guys maybe we should think of a way to snap BJ out of this Captian Pickles thing

Jasmine:But what could we do?

Jimmy:I don't know.........But we'll have to think of a really good idea 

*The Idea Song Plays*

Jimmy:I'd like to think of something I'd never thought before. If it doesn't happen right away, I'll think a little more.

Amy:I'll sit a little while

Fred:Imagine what could be.

Riff:And a new idea might come to me.

The cast:I'd like to think of something new,Something fun to do. Maybe solve a problem Or fix a thing or two. If I sit a little while I'm sure I'll see. A new idea will come to me.

*Song ends*

Amy:Hmmmm what does BJ like more then anything else?

Jasmine:He likes pickles

Riff:So does captian pickles Jasmine

Jasmine:Oh right.......

Jimmy:He likes to play baseball I don't think a super hero could do that 

Riff:He also likes to go rump a pumity pump on his drums!

Barney:Ah-ha! by george I think I got an idea! *Laughs* 

*The cast goes into a group huddle as the scene transits into the main hangout where some of the kids and Riff are holding various things BJ likes (Jimmy's holding a baseball and bat,Amy has a bowl of pickles and Riff has BJ's drum)*

Barney:Does everybody remember what to do?

Fred:Yep. Come on Jasmine let's go visit the captian


*Fred and Jasmine go upstairs as the scene transits to the hallway*

*Fred knocks on the libary's door*

*BJ opens the door*

BJ:Yes citazens?

Fred:Captian Pickles we need you downstairs

Jasmine:Yeah the........Uhhhh the adventure screen got stuck inbetween the couch 

BJ:Not to worry citazen's Fred and Jasmine Captian Pickles is on it 

*BJ exits the hallway*

Fred:The adventure screen got stuck?

Jasmine:I panicked.........I couldn't think of anything else

*Fred and Jasmine exists the hallway as the scene transits to BJ going downstairs*

BJ:Have no Fear Captian Pickles is.........Woah Jimmy is that a baseball and a baseball bat?

Jimmy:Oh yeah I was going to ask BJ if he wanted to play some baseball in the backyard

BJ:You were? Well I could play with you in his place

Jimmy:That sounds fun.........but I think I'll wait for BJ if that's alright

BJ:Oh ..........Alright then 

*Amy comes downstairs with a bowl of pickles*

Amy (whispering to herself):I hope this plan works...........The smell of these pickles arn't to appitizing 

BJ:*Sniff ,Sniff* Something smells good

Amy:It does? I mean it sure does ............I was cleaning up the kitchen and I tought I'd make this bowl of Pickles for BJ ........Have you seen him today Captian?

BJ:No but I can take that bowl of pickles to him if you want me to

Amy:No thanks I  can just put them in the fridge untill he shows up

BJ:This is a bit bizzare...........

*Riff walks in playing BJ's drum*

BJ:So there's where I put my drum where did you find it Riff?

Riff:It was in the garden but I think your mistaken Captian Pickles This drum belongs to Beej

BJ:But I am

Riff:I still don't know where he is tough. He said he was comming over to play today 

*BJ walks towards Barney*

BJ:Barney why are they laying out all of my favorite things but telling me I can't do anything with me?

Barney:Well they're saying that Captian Pickles can't ...........But it's like you said being a super hero is better then being just "Plain old BJ" 

BJ:..........Well if they want BJ..........then I'll go back to being back in a sec

*BJ goes upstairs as Barney ,Riff and the kids group back together*

Riff:I think your planned work Barney

Barney:I hope so 

*Jasmine looks upstairs*

Jasmine:Only way to find out..........he's comming back 

*BJ enters VIA the stairs now out of the super hero get up*

Amy:So........are you back to being you BJ?

*Few seconds of silance as BJ's Song starts*

BJ:Of course I'm me Amy! why wouldn't I be? BJ is my name I love to play a game of baseball or maybe basketball I'm usually in a hurry,But never stop to worry' bout what'll happen if I trip or fall I like to play my drum I like to jump and run I like to climb a tree Though I might skin my knee And when I dig in the dirt,sometimes I wipe it on my shirt

Barney ,Riff and the kids:With a hat that's neat And sneakers on his feet,He's always ready for fun Yes, BJ is the one

BJ:I like to play my drum I like to jump and run I like to climb a tree Though I might skin my knee  And when I dig in the dirt, sometimes I wipe it on my shirt

Barney,Riff and the kids:With a hat that's neat And sneakers on his feet He's always ready for fun Yes, BJ is the one

BJ:You're my friends

Barney,Riff and the kids:Yes, BJ is the one

BJ:he's my cousin

Barney,Riff and the kids:Yes, BJ is the one! 

BJ:That's me!

*Song ends*

Fred:It's great seeing you as you again BJ

Jimmy:Yeah Captian Pickles is cool when you pretend to be a super hero but BJ is even more awesome 

*The rest of the cast agrees as Scooter pops up behind the window*

Scooter:Hey BJ! do you need a sidekick? If you do then look no further Squrriel boy is here for the job!

*Ms Etta is shown on the right window*

Ms Etta:Scooter you nutty squrriel I've been trying to tell you all day that You don't need to act like a hero all the time to be special

B arney:Ms Etta's right Scooter..........Just ask BJ

BJ:Yeah your pretty special just by being yourself Scooter

Riff:And you know when you think about it everyone is special when they act like themselves

Barney:I couldn't have said any better myself Riff *Laughs* 

*Everyone Is Special plays*

Barney:You are special, you're the only one You're the only one like you

Scooter:I am?

Barney:There isn't another in the whole wide world Who can do the things you do

 The cast (minus Scooter and Ms Etta):'Cause you are special, special Everyone is special Everyone in his or her own way Oh, you are special, special Everyone is special Everyone in his or her own way

Barney:You're important, oh, you really are You're the only one like you

Ms Etta:The world is better, just because you're here

The cast (Minus Scooter and Ms Etta):You should know that we love you 'Cause you are special, special Everyone is special Everyone in his or her own way Oh, you are special, special Everyone is special Everyone in his or her own way


Barney:Everyone in his or her own way

 *Song ends*

Scooter:So to be somebody special I just have to be myself


Scooter:Then I know exactly what I need to do now

Fred:Change out of your cape and go back to being Scooter?

Scooter:Nope I'm going to be a fire breather Gotta scoot

*Scooter exists the left window*


*Ms Etta exists the right window*

Riff:Here we go again *Laughs*

BJ:You know something guys I'm kind of glad that I'm now out of that was starting to itch a bit

Jimmy:Hey we're just glad we snapped you out of it before you could have done some real damages to this place we call home

Barney:Either way you don't need a cape or a mask to be a super hero all of you are super dee duper just by being yourself..........And no matter what just remember

*I Love You (standerd OSFB version) (season 4-6 esque) Plays*

Barney:I love you,You love me. We're a happy family with a great big hug and a kiss from me to you. Won't you say you love me to?

BJ:I do love ya Barney

Riff:Same here Barn

Barney:And I love all of you

The cast:I love you ,you love me we're best friends like should be. With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you won't you say you

*Song ends as they group hug*

Jimmy:So BJ now that your not Captian Pickles anymore do you want to play a game of baseball?

Amy:Or eat that bowl of Pickles?

Fred:Or play your drums

BJ:Nope The kids:Really?

BJ:I can do all of that at home with Sissy ..........come on cous let's go see if Baby Bop want's to hear us play some music

*BJ picks up his drum from the coffee table*

Riff:Hey Beej afterwards do you think you could help me think of a really super cool hero name?

BJ:Sure Riff we could brainstorm now

Riff:How about Music man?

BJ:I don't know,That doesn't ring to much of a bell for a cool hero name

*BJ and Riff magicly dissapear VIA Yellow and Orange sparkles as Barney and the kids wave goodbye*

Fred:Hey guys it's still want pretty windy out............Want to fly kites some more?

The other kids:Oh yeah!

Fred:Do you want to join to Barney............Barney?

*Camera cuts to the doll on the cofee table dressed in a purple cape and mask*

Amy:There he is

Jimmy:Now that's what I call a super dee duper hero

*The kids laugh as they say goodbye to the doll exiting the set*

*Doll winks*

*Scene transits to a boy dressed up as a super hero*

Boy:Hey everybody it's time for Barney says!

*Scene transits to the 2 doors opening revealing the words Barney Says*

*Camera zooms in to the main hangout as the words dissolve*

*Barney walks in*

Barney:Hello again to all my friends i'm glad you came to play today,our fun and learning never ends heres what we did today

*Scene transits magically to clips from the episode* 

Barney's voice:Today was a definatly day we won't foreget BJ tried to be a super hero today to be someone special........and as he would s ay "Ay-yi-yi" *Laughs* But you know you don't really need super powers or even a costume to be someone important you just got to be yourself I think Rickey's story about that farmer's donkey really fitted well with what was going on today. But just remember wether your big small or even green I'll love you all just the same

*Barney pops up behind the still*

Barney:And remember I love you

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