Dreaming Up A Job is a Barney home video 
Dreaming Up A Job cover

Plot Edit

During a power outage at the school caused by a thunder storm the kids start to wonder what makes a dream job a dream

Barney shows them with help from a magical mirror that transports the kids into what job they want to do when they grow up (Natalie's dream job being a zookeeper, Zack's being a doctor Kristy's is to be a dancer Billy is to be a deep sea diver and BJ's is to be a baseball player) At the end of the day they find out that a dream job can be more then just a dream with a little encouragement and alot of imagination.

Cast Edit

  • Barney
  • BJ
  • Baby Bop
  • Riff
  • Zack
  • Mario (Cameo)
  • Kristy
  • Natalie
  • Billy

Song List Edit

  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. London Bridge
  3. Trying On Dreams
  4. What Will We See At The Zoo?
  5. Rock Like A Monkey
  6. Had A Little Roster
  7. The Doctor Is A Friend Of Mine
  8. Snacking On Healthy Food
  9. Look At Me I'm Dancing
  10. The Dino Dance
  11. I Love To Sail
  12. The Fishing Song
  13. If I Lived Under The Sea
  14. What A Baseball Day
  15. The Popcorn Song
  16. What I Want To Be
  17. Trying On Dreams (reprise)
  18. I Love You

Trivia Edit

  • This is the last appearance of Kristy
  • This video was dubbed into German (Der Traum Spiegel )

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