Friends are Forever is the tenth episode of Season 15 of Barney and Friends. It is a clip show and a celebration for 10 episodes


Barney shows everyone some items in his closet from the past. One thing leads to another and and Mr.Boyd (the janitor at the school) appears and suprisingly he is friends with Barney. His other friend Professer Tinkerputt comes to the playground and he tells everyone what he does. After that Luci, an older friend of Barney's appears. She shows Barney her child and the kids are amazed that Barney has friends that have children of their own. After that Barney tells everyone that he will be their friends forever if they just make believe


  • Barney
  • Kaylie
  • Kyle
  • Taylor
  • Nick
  • David
  • Kennedy
  • Mr.Boyd (cameo)
  • Professer Tinkerputt (cameo)
  • Luci (cameo)
  • Jessica (Luci's child) (cameo)


  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. Friends are Special
  3. Everyone is Special (Taken From: Everyone is Special)
  4. Trading Medley (Taken From: Trading Places) (Home Video only)
  5. Colors Make Me Happy (Taken From: Season 9 version) (Home Video only)
  6. The Rainbow Song (Taken From: Colors)
  7. I'm Mother Goose (Taken From: A Little Mother Goose)
  8. Hats (Taken From: Fun and Games) (Home Video only)
  9. Happy Dancin' (Taken From: Barney's Talent Show) (Home Video only)
  10. A Camping We Will Go (Taken From: It's Tradition) (Home Video onlly)
  11. Turkey in the Straw (Barney's Version) (Taken From: Barney's Adventure Bus) (Home video Only)
  12. Being Together (Taken: Barney's Colorful World!)
  13. The Clean Up Clock (Taken From: Classical Cleanup)
  14. Mr Boyd's Marching Band (Taken From: Barney's Band) (Home Video only)
  15. Tinkerputt's Song (Taken From: Imagination Island)
  16. Share Your Stuff (Taken From: Birthday Olé) (Home Video only)
  17. Nothing Beats a Pizza (Taken From: Try, You'll Like It)
  18. We are Barney and the Backyard Gang (Taken From: Rock with Barney) (Home Video only)
  19. My Family's Just Right For Me (Taken From: My Family's Just Right For Me)
  20. Friends are Forever (Taken From: Three Wishes)
  21. I Love You (Taken From various episodes and videos as a montoge)


  • There is a home video version witch is longer.

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