Fun at Grandpas farm is a episode video 


Down on Barney's Farm 

Days Of The Week 

A Visit To Grandpas Farm 

Trail Boss Barney 

We're On Our Way To The Farm (Titled Farmer dooly's Animal Farm on the title card) 


Down On Barney's Farm:

The kids learn and draw pictures of farm animals, but Shawn is unhappy with his drawing when no one knows what it is. Barney pops in to cheer him up and show the children an imaginary farm firsthand. Barney's friend, Farmer Henderson, shows the kids all types of farm animals and Barney teaches Shawn that the beauty of classroom art is in the eye of the beholder!

Days Of The Week:

Barney and his friends wait for the petting zoo to come to the park!

A Visit To GrandPa's Farm:

After playing pretend with stuff farm animals, the gang wishes they can go to a farm. Barney appears and takes them to a real farm where they learn about different kinds of farm animals and the work and chores done on a farm.

Trail Boss Barney:

After the kids don't cooperate together, Barney takes them to a working ranch.

Farmer Dooly's Animal Farm: The kids are doing they're homework for school when they notice written in they're books  that if they go to a place filled with animals they could get extra credit 

Barney comes to life and takes the kids to his friend Farmer Dooley's farm where they learn about the farm life and how the animals help the farm 


Down On Barney's Farm:

  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. Bought Me a Cat
  3. Six Little Ducks
  4. This Little Piggy
  5. Mary Had a Little Lamb
  6. Little Bo Peep
  7. The Fishing Song
  8. Turkey in the Straw
  9. Over in the Meadow
  10. Down on Grandpa's Farm
  11. I Love You

Days Of The Week:

  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. I Just Can't Wait
  3. There are Seven Days
  4. A Bright New Day 
  5. Old MacDonald Had a Farm
  6. A Friend Like You

A Visit To Grandpa's Farm:

  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. Old McDonald
  3. Four Little Ducks
  4. Bumpin Up and Down
  5. The Gaggle, Giggle, Wiggle, Dance
  6. Mary Had a Little Lamb
  7. Turkey in the Straw (Barney's version)
  8. Over in the Meadow
  9. Old Brass Wagon
  10. Down on Grandpa's Farm
  11. I Love You

Trail Boss Barney:

  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. Old MacDonald Had a Farm
  3. Clip, Clop Riding on a Pony
  4. Gonna Have A Picnic
  5. The More We Work Together
  6. A Friend Like You

Farmer Doolys Animal Farm:

  1. Barney Theme Song 
  2. Here We Go Again 
  3. Down On Grand Pa's Farm 
  4. The Milk Song 
  5. 5 Little Ducks 
  6. Turkey In The Straw (Barney's version)
  7. Old Mc Donald 
  8. I Love You

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