Hachaverim Shel Barney is the second Israeli co production of Barney & Friends  (The first one sharing the same name)

Development Edit

Continuing the trend of the first Co Production's second season this series takes various seasons of B&F and the first season of Our Special Friend Barney (Counting the Spinoff episodes there are 4 seasons used for the first season overall,The other 2 being Season 4 and 12) Home Videos unlike the  first are also offered albeit in dub form 

Like the first the setting is a school set (With a library added to make it easier to adapt the library scenes in the spinoff) 

Dispite being named Bobby Ben in the original BJ is renamed to the more fitting "Bee Ben" (The explanation in promo material being that he pefers to be called Bee Ben as a nickname) 

Cast Edit

  • Barney (Voice) - Avi Termin
  • Barney (Costume) - Josh Sagi
  • Buba Bon (Voice) - Tzipi Mor
  • Buba Bon (Costume)- Penny Abraham
  • Bee Ben (Voice)- TBA
  • Bee Ben (Costume)- TBA
  • Riff (Costume)- TBA
  • Riff (Voice) - TBA

Epsiode List Edit

Season 1 Edit

  1. Let's Be Friends
  2. Purple Beard's Super Dee Duper Treasure Hunt
  3. Miles of Fun
  4. Spring Cleaning Time
  5. Color My World
  6. A Hunt for The Senses
  7. The Reluctant Dragon
  8. Around The World In A Day
  9. What If You Could Try New Things?
  10. Riff To The Rescue!
  11. Me and My Family
  12. A Game For Everyone
  13. Counting The Way to The Numbers Carnival
  14. I Used To Be Afraid
  15. Mother Goose is Back
  16. A Friend For All Seasons
  17. Books are Fun!
  18. Shining Bright,Day and Night
  19. We've Got Rhythm
  20. Barney's Stu-u-u-pendous Birthday

Season 2Edit

  1. Let's Put On A Show!
  2. Fun Around the World
  3. It's Easy Goin Green
  4. A Parade Is As Easy As ABC
  5. Way To Count 
  6. We're On Our Way To The Farm
  7. Makes Sense To Me
  8. A Buggy Day
  9. If You Imagine 
  10. What Can I Be?
  11. Games Galore
  12. Feeling The Day Away
  13. What's That Sound?
  14. The Colorful Garden
  15. Shapes,Shapes Everywhere
  16. The Things We Love
  17. A Family Is Love 
  18. Colors All Around
  19. Give It A Try!
  20. We're All Special