It's Time to Sing With Barney is an album made by the "Our Special Friend Barney" team as it's said on the album cover the CD contains rendtions from both Our Special Friend and Barney And Friends


1. Imagine

2. The Land Of Make Believe 

3 .Look Both Ways

4. Walk Around The Block

5. Down On Grandpas Farm

6. Once Upon A Time (with guest singer Rickey The Traveller)

7. Rockin Nursery Rhyme Medley 

8. 6 Little Ducks 

9. Up Is Up And Down Is Down

10. BJ's Song

11. I Hear Music Everywhere 

12. I Put On A Smile On (with guest singer Mario Canoli) 

13. Laugh With Me

14. My Yellow Blankey

15. We're Gonna Find A Way

16. Look At Me I'm Dancing

17. Pumpernickel Bread

18. You Can Do Anything (with guest singer Mario Canoli)

19. The Other Day I Met A Bear (Taken from "The Quest For Friendship") 

20. Over In The Medow

21. Everyone Is Special

22. A Friend Like You (with guest singer Mario Canoli)

23. If You Imagine

24. I Love You


The songs in this album have been used in other albums before most notebly Barney Rocks and Barney's Great Adventure-The Soundtrack 

I Put A Smile On has the recording from "Barney's Musical Castle" with little differences (The only 2 major ones is Mario Canoli's vocals are added and intros and outros with the current voice actor for Barney are recorded at the begining and end of the song) 

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