Let's Go Places is a Barney Home Video that mixes elements from "What A World We Share" and "Barney's Adventure Bus" 


Barney and the kids  were playing at a school (same school from Barney And Friends) But When Rickey revals he lost his cousins suitcase they go on to various places Rickey has been to with the help of the travel book 


  • Barney 
  • Karen 
  • Jimmy
  • Amy 
  • Kristy 
  • Jason
  • Jasmine
  • Rickey 
  • Stella (Cameo)

Songs Edit

  1. ABC Song
  2. ABC Chant
  3. Imagination Medley (Imagine A Place , Just Imagine and Let's Go)
  4. Imagination Is the Key
  5. Get Along Little Doggies 
  6. Turkey In The Straw (Barney's Verison) 
  7. The Feista Song 
  8. La Derecha  
  9. Please And Thank You 
  10. Castles So High 
  11. English Country Garden 
  12. Old King Cole
  13. When The Circus comes to town
  14. Keep Trying 
  15. It's Good To Be Home 
  16. Won't You Imagine With Me?
  17. I Love You


Please And Thank You is also sung in Spanish during one part of the song. 

Stella is mentioned and makes a cameo in this video.

The Theme Song is not used in this video (instead a CGI globe spins around showing various places).