DVD Cover

Let's Go to Summer Camp is a Barney Home Video based on the spinoff "Our Special Friend Barney".


The kids summer camp is about to get "Tee-riffic"  when they find out who's coming to play , Barney and the kids have fun at summer camp including , swimming at the beach , eating a yummy snack and singing at the campfire.


  • Barney
  • Jimmy
  • Amy 
  • Kristy 
  • Charles 
  • BJ 
  • Baby Bop
  • Camp Consuler


  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. It's a Fun Fun Sunny Day
  3. Let's Go
  4. A Camping We Will Go 
  5. Snack Attack (re written version of have a snack)
  6. Castles So High
  7. He Waited in The Water
  8. Baby Bop's Blankey Loss Woes 
  9. Kookaburra 
  10. Scary Stories
  11. Smores
  12. Twinkle Little Lighting Bug
  13. Listen to the Night Time
  14. A Friend Like You (slow paced)


  • This is the only apperance of the Camp Consulor 
  • This marks Amy's first apperance (in the following season its revaled that she and Karen are sisters)
  • The Barney doll is not used in this video instead one of the kids suitcases gets stuck and Barney pops out of it after it opens
  • This is the only time Barney magicly disappers Insted of turning back into a doll
  • I Love You is not sung in this video insted "A Friend Like You" is sung in a slow pace
  • Barney and the Camp Counsler Never Appear Together
  • At the end of the video since the doll isn't present it shows the Camp Counsler looking up at the stars and seeing a lighting bug making a Barney drawing (with one of the lighting bugs going out to resemble it winking) 
  • Like Barney Songs 4 this video was dubbed in german (Sommerspaß mit Barney)