May I Take Your Order? is the second episode for Season 15 of Barney & Friends. It is a remake of "Let's Eat"


Cody and Bethany are going to a fancy restaurant to celebrate their Grandmother's birthday, but they don't think their ready, since they never been to a fancy restaurant that before. So, Barney and the kids practice what it's like in a fancy restaurant.

Educational Theme: Working Together In a Restaurant and Manners

Stories: None


  • Barney (Body: TBA) (Voice: TBA)
  • BJ (Body: Jared Harris) (Voice: Patty Wirtz)
  • Riff (Body: Adam Brown) (Voice: Michaela Dietz)
  • Cody
  • Bethany
  • Jenna
  • Noah


  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. Riding on a Bike
  3. The Idea Song
  4. Please and Thank You
  5. The Barney Bag
  6. The Waitress Song
  7. The Yum, Yum Song
  8. People Helping Other People
  9. Clean Up Clock
  10. I Love You


  • This is the first appearance of the new BJ costume.
  • It is revealed that Bethany and Cody are brother and sister.
  • This is the first time, since Season 6, to have The Adventure Screen return.