Music Is For Everyone is the 12th episode in the second season of "Our Special Friend Barney'


While praticing for a concert later tonight Riff and Barney's friend Mario shows the kids the 3 steps of being a good musican (1:practcing with a game with music involved , 2: making your own instruments and 3: having fun with your friends) during the middle of the tips Mario is called to his uncle's resturant but before he goes he gives Riff a music recorder ..but after fiddling around he took the reed off and he tought he broke it

When Mario comes back Riff tries to the hide the recorder but Mario explains that he didn't break the recorder and it was made to be taken off in case the reed breaks or needs to be cleaned

Near the end of the day Mario reveals he brought his guitar to play any song they requst Barney request his favorite song "I Love You"


  • Barney
  • Riff
  • Mario Canoli
  • Kristy
  • Jake
  • Karen
  • Amy 


  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. I Am A Fine Musican
  3. Down By The Bay 
  4. The Clapping Song
  5. Sally The Camel
  6. The Barney Bag Song
  7. You Can Make Music With Anything
  8. That is What It Means To Be A Friend
  9. Our Friend Barney Has A Band
  10. I Love You 


  • It is revealed that Mario is part of a band 
  • This is Riff's last apperance in the spinoff

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