On The Right Track is the first episode in the third season of Our Special Friend Barney


Billy brings his toy train to the hangout wiich leads to the epsiodes theme. Later in the day Billy and the others wish they could ride an actual train Barney grants his wish and takes the kids on a train ride. When they get to the train station they encounter Rickey the travler and he tells them the story of the little engine that could.


  • Barney
  • Riff
  • Jason
  • Billy
  • Amy 
  • Fred
  • Rickey The Traveler 

Song ListEdit

  1. Barney Theme Song 
  2. A Bright New Day 
  3. Mr Sun 
  4. The Caboose Rides In The Back 
  5. I've Been Working On The RailRoad
  6. She'll Be Comming Round The Mountin
  7. Down By The Station 
  8. Little Red Caboose
  9. I Love You 


  • This marks the debut of Billy
  • This is the first apperace of the redesigned Adventure Screen 

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