"Our Special Friend Barney" is an independent spinoff of Barney & Friends this is the third season 


  • Barney
  • BJ
  • Baby Bop
  • Riff 
  • Scooter  
  • Ms Etta 
  • Mario Canoli 
  • Jimmy
  • Kristy
  • Karen 
  • Amy
  • Fred
  • Zack
  • Jason
  • Jasmine
  • Billy 
  • Kaitlyn 
  • Rickey The Traveler

Episode List (TBA)

  1. On The Right Track!
  2. Look What's Cooking
  3. Sharing With Friends Of Mine 
  4. Take A Walk Around The Neighborhood 
  5. Let's Make This The Happiest Halloween Party 
  6. We Love To Go Riding In The Car 
  7. Having Fun In The Sunny Nighttime Sky 
  8. The Things We Are Thankful For 
  9. Bulding Things Up Step By Step
  10. Black Birds, Kings And Geese, Oh My!
  11. Captain Pickles Rides Again
  12. A Friend You See Is A Friend Indeed
  13. Parents Are Grand
  14. Have You Seen This Kookaburra? 
  15. Hola Amigos: A Trip To A Fiesta!
  16. A Day Filled With Ball Games Galore 
  17. When The Circus Comes To The Hangout 
  18. Set The Stage, Light The Lights, The Show Is Going To Be A Delight
  19. Yipi-Ty-Yi-Yo To the ranch we go
  20. The Dentist Is A Friend Of Mine
  21. Let's Read A Book
  22. 1,2,3,4 Follow the Steps To See More
  23. Let Your Imagination Free (Season Finale)


  • The Hangout gets a revamp this series, including a bigger library, a kitchen, and a music room 
  • A new backyard is introduced with swings, an idea bench (similar to B&F), and a tire swing 
  • The Adventure Screen is no longer an HD TV instead it is a CGI TV (similar to seasons 4-6 of BAF)
  • This season has a bigger cast than the other 2 (having a total of 10 kids)  
  • This is the first season to have a recurring theme (that theme being travel as a majority of episodes has the cast travelling)
  • The Happy Dancin' Music Machine returns after its apperancess in Dino Dancin Tunes, Can You Sing that Song?, and Top 20 Countdown

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