Our Special Pets is the 15th episode of the spinoff 


While dog-sitting Ms Cooper's dog spot the kids deicde to get they're pets and have a pet get together , Jimmy brings his turtle , Kristy brings her cat , Charles brings his pet bird and Barney brings his imaginary dog 

Near the end of the get together Kristy's cat scares Spot away and the gang trys to bring him back with a paper bone (made with help from The Barney Bag) 

when that doesnt work Barney trys his "Dog Whistle" which works as Spot comes back a few seconds after the whistle was blown







Ms Cooper (cameos at the begining and the end)

Songs Edit

Barney Theme Song

Lets Do The Tricks My Doggy Does 


The Little Turtle 


Pretty Kitty Blues 

Oh Where Oh Where As My Little Dog Gone?

The Barney Bag Song 

Being Together 

I Love You


Unlike other Episodes "Barney Says" is not used in this episode insted a new segment named "Barney's Reading Corner" is used (This segment features Barney reading a portion of a short story that has something to do with the the theme of the episode) However unlike Other segments that replaced Barney Says  its used interchangably along with the typical Barney says segment (one episode would have "Barney's Reading Corner" while another would have "Barney Says") 

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