Rain Go Away is the 16th episode in the second season of Our Special Friend Barney


After playing outside all the day the kids are dissapointed when it start's to rain (expesilly Charles who was going to show his friend Terry the hangout before going to football practice) Barney pops up and shows the kids that you can still have fun when it's raining and that at the end of a gloomy day is a bright rainbow to look forward to tomarrow



Baby Bop




Terry (Cameo)


  1. Barney Theme Song 
  2. Looby Loo
  3. What Can We Play On A Rainy Day?
  4. Move Your Body
  5. Lookie It's A Cookie
  6. Rain Medly (Rain Rain Go Away/It's Raining It's Pouring )
  7. I Used To Be Afraid
  8. Simple And Beutiful A Rainbow 
  9. I Love You

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