Set Your Imagination Free is the ninth episode of Season 17 of Barney & Friends.


Barney finds a big box while in the garage. When he tries to open it, the lid remains sticked to the box and won't open up. Barney finds a note attached to the box saying the only way to open the box up is to use your imagination. Before using the power of their imaginations to open the box, Barney and his friends spend the day exercising their imaginations to do anything they want. In the end, they get the box open, and a bunch of (CGI) hearts come flying out of the chest.


  • Barney (Body: TBA) (Voice: TBA)
  • BJ (Body: Jared Harris) (Voice: Patty Wirtz)
  • Baby Bop (Body: Lauren Mayeux) (Voice: Julie Johnson)
  • Priscilla
  • Justin
  • Emma
  • Jimmy


  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. Ring Around the Rosie
  3. Just Imagine
  4. Wild, Wild West Medley: (Get Along Little Doggies / Home on the Range / Buffalo Gals)
  5. The Rocket Song
  6. The Airplane Song
  7. If I Lived Under the Sea
  8. Jungle Adventure
  9. If All the Raindrops
  10. The Rainbow Song
  11. Just Imagine (Reprise)
  12. I Love You

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