*After the theme song we see Kristy and Fred in the main hangout cleaning up*

Fred:3 day weekend! 3 whole days of nothing but fun games relaxation and

*Kristy hands Fred a dust buster*

Kristy:And spending time cleaning before those 3 days so we can enjoy them

Fred:Right…….,.Thankfully we're almost done cleaning up

Kristy:Yeah in this room……...You know how much rooms there are here Fred it's about as big as

Fred:Our imaginations I know I'm just glad we have help

Kristy:Me to come on let's get back to work

*Clean up starts up*

Fred and Kristy:Clean up! Clean up! Everybody, everywhere. Clean up! Clean up! Everybody do your share. Clean up! Clean up! Everybody, everywhere. Clean up! Clean up! Everybody do your share.

*Jimmy and Marie walk downstairs with a box full of things (with a roller  skate falling in the back) and puts the box of things on the coffee table*

Marie:Phew! With all these things I’m surprised there isn’t a lost and found around here

*Sparkle sound effect is heard*

J immy:There is now!

The kids:Clean up! Clean up! Everybody, everywhere. Clean up! Clean up! Everybody do your share.

*Song ends*

*Magic sparkles are seen from above the stairs*

Barney’s voice:Woaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Look out!

*Jimmy and Fred run upstairs and stops Barney in his tracks almost falling downstairs*

*The kids express concern*

Barney:Don’t worry everyone I’m fine but I think you forgot this when you were picking stuff up

*Barney puts the roller skate in the box*

Marie:Sorry Barney I didn’t notice that fell out the box

Barney:That’s alright Marie and speaking of that box all of you have certainly been busy today!

Fred:We’ve been cleaning up the hangout all afternoon to make way for the 3 day weekend tomorrow

Barney:Working hard today so you can have fun for the next few days that’s a smart plan

Kristy:Emphasis on “Hard”........This method is really taking a toll on us

Barney:I see

Baby Bop’s voice:BARNEY!!!!! EVERYONE!!!!!

*Baby Bop runs in VIA magic sparkles*

*Barney and the kids greets Baby Bop*

*Baby Bop speaks out of breath*

Barney:Slow down Baby Bop take a deep breath

*Baby Bop takes a deep breath*


Baby Bop:Better……………………...Also LOOK OUT BJ CAN’T STOP HIS SCOOTER

*BJ comes riding in fast wrecking the entire main hangout*

*BJ finally stops his scooter and gets off*

BJ:Hi guys……….Woah what happened here

*Barney points to his scooter*

BJ:Oh…………..Whoops sorry I’ll put my scooter out

Barney:Good idea

*BJ leaves with his scooter*

Fred:I give up…………..There’s no way we can clean up this seating area again and have enough time for the rest of the place

Jimmy:Yeah we were way over our heads here

*Fred and Jimmy sits down on the couch sulking*

Marie:Count me out to

*Marie sits down on the couch*

Kristy:Got any room on that couch for one more?

*Kristy sits on the couch’s right arm rest while BJ comes back in*

BJ:I’m really sorry guys I’ll be happy to help clean up the rest of the hangout to make it up

Baby Bop:I want to help to!

Barney:I’ll help to

Jimmy:Thanks for the offer guys but it’s impossible to get this place clean today

Barney:With some imagination and good friends on our side there’s nothing we can’t do

*We’re Gonna Find A Way start’s up*

Barney:When it looks like all is lost and you're feeling really sad, It doesn't do a bit of good to keep on feeling bad. Just make up your mind that you're gonna see it through. And soon I know you'll find that you can make your dreams come true. We're gonna find a way.

BJ and Baby Bop:We're a Super-Dee-Duper team.

Barney,BJ and Baby Bop:And when we stick together, there's no storm we can't weather No matter how dark it may seem. We're gonna find a way. We're gonna save the day. We'll solve the situation with our imagination. We're gonna find a way.

*BJ takes Jimmy’s and Fred’s hands lifting them from the couch*

BJ:When things are going wrong, we can make our own good luck.

*Baby Bop takes Marie’s hand and lifts her from the couch*

Baby Bop:The only time we ever fail is when we just give up

*Barney takes Kristy’s hand and lifts her from the couch*

Barney:Don't be a quitter now. There's some tricks left up our sleeve. We'll get through this somehow if we can only just believe…………..1,2,3,4!

Barney,BJ and Baby Bop:We're gonna find a way. We're a Super-Dee-Duper team. And when we stick together, there's no storm we can't weather No matter how dark it may seem. We're gonna find a way. We're gonna save the day.

The Kids:We'll solve the situation with our imagination.

The Cast:We're gonna find a way. Yes We'll solve the situation with our imagination. We're gonna find a way.

*Song ends*

Jimmy:Alright…………….I guess if we have more help we can get this done…...Count me back in

Fred:Me too

Marie:Me 3

Kristy:And me 4………..Let’s think of a plan to get this done faster BJ,and I will clean the garden

Marie:Baby Bop and I will clean the library

Fred:I’ll clean the rooms no one would want to

Jimmy:I guess that leaves you and me to clean this room Barney

Barney:Well let’s get to work then! *Laughs*

*Clean Up Do Our Share start’s up*

*Baby Bop and Marie go upstairs while BJ and Kristy goes through the back door to the Garden*

Barney:Now it's time to put away Everything that we took out. When the room is nice and clean, It makes us feel so proud.

The cast:We always clean-up, *clap* clean-up *clap, clap* To show we really care. We always clean-up, clean-up *clap* clean-up *clap, clap* 'Cause we like to do our share.

Kristy:After we have had our lunch,and meal-time's coming to an end.

BJ:We sure know it helps a bunch,If we can all pitch-in.

The cast:We always clean-up, clean-up *claps* clean-up claps twice* to show we really care.We always clean-up, clean-up claps clean-up *claps twice* 'Cause we like to do our share. We always clean-up, clean-up *claps* clean-up *claps twice* To show we really care. We always clean-up, clean-up *claps* clean-up claps twice* 'Cause we like to do our share.

*Song ends*

*Scene transits to BJ sweeping the patio of the garden and Kristy picking things up and throwing them away*

*Barney walks in*

Barney:How’s everyone doing out here?

Kristy:Great Barney….I thought you were helping Jimmy in the seating area though

Barney:I’m taking a short break to see how everyone’s doing their part and I don’t think I’ve ever seen the garden this clean before  

BJ:It’s like what you’ve been saying Barney when you work together you can do anything!

Barney:That’s right BJ

*Barney and BJ high five*

*Kristy picks up different types of rocks*

Kristy:Hey guys look at the rocks I found!

BJ:Aw cool! Can I keep these for my rock collection Kristy?

Kristy:Go right ahead

BJ:Thanks you know these rocks remind me of the rocks I saw in that cave I explored

Kristy:I didn’t know you went into a cave before BJ

BJ:I sure did I took a deep breath,Went in there and


Barney:Ran to the car just as fast as you went in

BJ:I was getting to that part! But that said I’d love to go into a cave and actually explore one of these days

Kristy:Me to it sounds really exciting

Barney:I’m sure you could say it’d be a real adventure……….And if it’s adventure you want to seek then maybe you 2 should take a look atttttt

*The Adventure Screen from the main hangout extends out through the left window*

BJ And Kristy:The Adventure Screen!

Barney:Right *Laughs*

*The Adventure Screen starts to show footage of explorers outside a cave*

Barney:Here’s the cave and there are the people who are going  spelunking that means that their going to be exploring the cave but before they do that they have to get ready. They put on their backpacks to keep things in plus a hard hat to protect them incase something above them falls,Gloves to keep their hands clean and a water cannister

Kristy:Incase they get thirsty in there

Barney:That’s right Kristy

BJ:How are they going to see in there if it’s so dark?

Barney:They have a special light on their hard hat BJ so that they can see where their going

*The explorers go inside and they look up the roof of the cave noticing rocks up there*

Kristy:What are those rocks up there Barney?

Barney:Those are Stalactites  Kristy they sort of make it look like the cave has teeth

*Footage cuts to the explorers skipping rocks on a pond in the cave*

Barney:And speaking of rocks it looks like they're throwing the rocks in the pond to see which one goes the furthest

BJ:Woah! That rock went really far

*Barney and Kristy agree*

Barney:When their done with that they take the rocks they found and put it in their backpacks as keepsakes and  it’s back home they go They even notice on the way out that stalactites aren't the only thing on the roofs of this cave

Kristy:Eww Bats! I don’t think I’d want them following me around

Barney:That’s exactly why they're turning their lights down bats get scared of the light easily so the best thing is to turn them off when you're around bats so that they can nap in peace

*Scene transits to the explorers walking out of the cave*

Barney:With so many sights to see and things to do going spelunking in a cave really rocks!

*The adventure screen extends back into the main hangout*

Kristy:You know I never thought that there are so many different rocks

BJ:Yeah stalactites,Big rocks,Grey rocks but I just like to call them cool because I like rocks!

Barney:I know what you mean *Laughs*

*We Like Rocks starts to play*

Barney:come on everybody let's rock

Barney,BJ and Kristy:We see a lot of rocks, 'Cause they're all around. There are big ones and Little ones on the ground. There are dark ones, light ones, Even green and white ones. We like rocks. They come in different shapes; Some round, some square. Now, I wonder if a rock Could grow some hair. That's a silly question, but we don't care, Because we like rocks. Now if we played them like instruments, I guess you could say That we were in a rock band. Hey, hey hey! I'm glad we found the rocks, 'Cause all we can say is that we like rocks!

*Song ends*

Kristy:I should probably clean up some of the other rooms

BJ:Good idea I’ll go help Marie and Sissy

*Kristy and BJ walk back inside the hangout*

Barney:And I should probably go back inside and help Jimmy clean up some more

*Fred walks in with bandages and a explorer's outfit*

Barney:Are you alright Fred?

Fred:Yeah I just fell while cleaning the mountain room………..I’m fine now

Barney:That’s great to hear

*Fred walks over and grabs a butterfly net*

Fred:Now I’m going to go clean the pool room

Barney:OK I’ll see you later

*Fred goes back inside as Barney turns to the camera*

Barney:There’s never  a dull moment here *Laughs*

*Barney walks back in as the scene transits to the main hangout with Jimmy grabbing cloth and string from the couch*

Jimmy:Hey Barney I have an idea

Barney:What’s your idea Jimmy?

Jimmy:I found these things in the couch and I was thinking of making some pouches with them

Barney:Taking things you find and making them into new things  that’s a smart way of using your imagination

Jimmy:Thanks……..I think I have some craft supplies in my backpack

*Jimmy gets his backpack out and gets to work making pouches from the cloth and strings*

*Montage of him making the pouches*

*After the montage Fred and Marie walk downstairs (Fred drenched in water)*

Fred:Thanks for reeling me back in with the fishing pole Marie

Marie:No problem

Barney:You might want to

*Barney magically makes a towel appear*

Barney:Towel yourself up Fred

*Barney hands Fred the towel*

Fred:Thanks Barney

*Marie picks up one of Jimmy’s pouches*

Marie:What are these Jimmy?

Jimmy:It’s a bit of a surprise for later…….I’ll show you what they are when I make one for everyone

Barney:Are you making this set of surprises Dino sized to?

Jimmy:Don’t worry Barney you’re getting one to and so will BJ and Baby Bop

Baby Bop’s voice:BJ I want to read this story!

BJ’s voice:But sissy I want to read this story!

Baby Bop’s voice:This one

BJ’s voice:No! This one

Barney:Speaking of BJ and Baby Bop…….I should go check up to see what’s wrong I’ll be back in a sec

*Barney goes upstairs as the scene transits to the library where BJ and Baby Bop are individually holding a book*

BJ:You are so disagreeable!

Baby Bop:I am not

BJ:Are to

Baby Bop:Are not

BJ:Are to

*Barney walks into the library*

Barney:What’s going on in here?

*BJ and Baby Bop talk at once*

Barney:Slow down I only have 2 ears after all

Baby Bop and BJ:(BJ:Sissy) (Baby Bop:BJ) won’t agree on anything!

Barney:How so?

BJ:We thought we could all read a book once we’re done but the problem is I want to read a book about animals

Baby Bop:And I want to hear a Fairy Tale

BJ:But we always read fairy tales I want to read something different!

Barney:I see……..Maybe we could read something with animals and something that Baby Bop loves in Fairy Tales

Baby Bop:I just want to hear a story that begins with Once Upon A Time

Barney:That’s easy enough! We can start with those words even if a story doesn’t start with it

BJ:What? But those are just simple words how could they be your favorite parts?

Baby Bop:Because I know that they lead to magical things!

Barney:She’s got you there BJ

*Once Upon A Time start’s up*

Baby Bop:When you hear the words, "Once upon a time,"Then you know a story will be told.

Barney:When you hear me say, "Once upon a time,"A wondrous adventure will be unfold Once upon a time means it's time to pretend, Let your imagination go

Baby Bop:On a journey into storyland To hear a tale from long ago

Barney and Baby Bop:Once upon a time, once upon a time Means a story to tell, a tale to share With everybody, everywhere Once upon a time, once upon a time Means a story to tell, a tale to share When you hear the words, "Once upon a time"

Barney:You know when you open a book and use your imaginations just about anything can happen

Baby Bop:Really?


BJ:I think I got it now!  When you hear the words, "Once upon a time" Then you know a story will be told When you hear him say, "Once upon a time" A wondrous adventure will be unfold

Baby Bop”Once upon a time means it's time to pretend, Let your imagination go

Barney:On a journey into storyland To hear a tale long ago

Barney,BJ and Baby Bop:Once upon a time, once upon a time Means a story to tell, a tale to share With everybody, everywhere Once upon a time, once upon a time Means a story to tell, a tale to share When you hear the words, "Once upon a time"

Barney:When you hear the words, "Once upon a time"

*Song ends as BJ and Baby Bop puts the books down and get’s into a huddle*

*The kids walk through*

Kristy:I can’t believe we did it but we did! Every single room is clean

Jimmy:We should do something to celebrate

*BJ and Baby Bop break the huddle and BJ picks up the book he picked*

BJ:How about reading a book?

*The kids agree*

Barney:What did you both decide on?

*BJ hands Barney the book*

*Barney looks at the front of the book*

Barney:Oh boy oh boy! This is going to be great *Laughs*

*Scene transits in the main hangout room where Barney is nearby the stairs*

Barney:This is the story 0f “The Sharing Hen”

*Baby Bop runs downstairs with baskets*

Baby Bop:Barney! Barney!


Baby Bop (Whispers):Don’t forget to say once upon a time

Barney:Thanks for reminding me

*Barney opens up the book as Kristy dressed in glasses a hat and a shaw walks downstairs*

Barney:Once upon a time

*Baby Bop hands Kristy her basket filled with eggs*

Barney:There was a kindly old farmer who was walking to town

*Kristy walks in front of the couch (The tree stump  coffee table moved to near the door*

Barney:With her she had a basket filled with eggs she was taking to market

Kristy:Hickety, pickety, my fine hen. She lays eggs for gentlemen 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 People come from miles away

to see the eggs my hen can lay

*BJ walks downstairs,Baby Bop hands him a basket*

Barney:Just then a farmer comes by and he’s sad because his hen ran out

BJ:Hickety, pickety, woah, it's me for I have no eggs you see. My hen got out and ran away, and so I have no eggs today.

Kristy:Hickety, pickety, here's what I'll do. I'll give some of my eggs to you.

*Kristy puts 4 eggs unto BJ’s basket*

Kristy:1-2-3 and 4 Now, your basket's full once more.


*BJ leaves and stands near Barney and Baby Bop*

Barney:Feeling generous the farmer went on her way with a song in her heart

*Fred and Marie walk downstairs like with BJ, Baby Bop hands both of them baskets*

Barney:Just then 2 more farmers came by both also out of eggs and both very sad

Marie and Fred:Hickety, pickety, what to do! We have no eggs to see us through. Our hen got out and ran away, so we have no eggs today.

Kristy:Hickety, pickety, here's what I'll do. I'll give eggs to each of you.

*Kristy hands both of them 3 eggs each*

Kristy:1-2-3 1-2-3 Now, you both have eggs, you see! Hickety, pickety, my fine hen. She lays eggs for gentlemen I gave all my eggs away, but she'll lay plenty more some day.

Barney:But the next day the same exact thing happened to her. Her hen got out and she has no eggs today

Kristy:Hickety, pickety, my fine hen. She lays eggs for gentlemen But she got out and ran away, so I have no eggs today.

Barney:Just then all of the farmers she shared her eggs came back and were more then happy to share her eggs.

BJ,Fred and Marie:Hickety, pickety, here's what we'll do. We'll give some of our eggs to you. 1-2-3 and 4 Now, you have some eggs once more!

Barney:And from that day on the farmers always made sure to share to those who don’t have anything for themselves. The end

*Barney puts the book on the table as the little dinos and the kids applaud*

Jimmy:Oh! Speaking of sharing

*Jimmy hands the rest of the cast the pouches he made*

Jimmy:I made all of these pouches for you guys so we don’t lose anything in between the couches

*The rest of the cast thanks Jimmy*

Jimmy:You're welcome

Barney:You see? Nothings impossible when you work together

Baby Bop:Yeah but *Yawns* I don’t think I wanna work anymore

BJ:You’ve definitely earned a long nap for all the working you’ve done today! We’ll see all of you later

Barney:Thanks for all the help!

*Barney and the kids wave goodbye to BJ and Baby Bop as they disappear VIA their respective colored sparkles*

Fred:Now that everything’s clean we can plan out the rest of the 3 day weekend

Marie:We could bike riding

Jimmy:Or see a movie

Kristy:Or go camping

Barney:Well no matter what you do every day is a 3 day weekend when you share it with the people you love

*I Love You (Standard OSFB version) start’s up*

Barney:I Love You,You love me we’re a happy family with a great big hug and a kiss from me to you. Won’t you say you love me to?

*Barney and the kids hold hands*

Barney and the kids:I love you,You love me we’re best friends like friends should be with a great big hug from me to you. Won’t you say you love……….me……

*Barney and the kids hold hands*

*The kids wave goodbye to Barney as they exit the hangout*

*Camera cuts to Barney now in doll form which winks*

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