The Feelings That We Feel is the 15th episode in Season 16 of Barney & Friends.


Nobody in the clubhouse is happy at all. Bethany trips in the clubhouse, which causes her to feel sad and cry a little bit. Brandon gets mad at Cody after he accidentally messes up his project for the Science Fair. Throughout the day, Barney and his friends discuss ways to make themselves feel better when they deal with these feelings.

Educational Theme: Feelings

Stories: None


  • Barney (Body: TBA) (Voice: TBA)
  • BJ (Body: Jared Harris) (Voice: Patty Wirtz)
  • Riff (Body: Adam Brown) (Voice: Michaela Dietz)
  • Brandon
  • Cody
  • Bethany
  • Jenna


  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. It's a Bright, New Day
  3. The Boo, Boo Song
  4. When I Get Mad
  5. Everybody's Got Feelings (Scene Taken from: Happy, Mad, Silly, Sad)
  6. Taking Turns
  7. Making Mistakes
  8. People Helping Other People
  9. If You're Happy and You Know It
  10. I Love You


  • The montage for "Everybody's Got Feelings" is from "Happy, Mad, Silly, Sad", but the current voice actor for Barney redubs over Dean Wendt's voice.

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