"The Perfectly Purple Dino Hour" (Later shortened to just "Perfectly Purple block") Was a PBS kids block made to air both Barney & Friends as well as Our Special Friend Barney . The block kicked off right when the first episode of the spinoff series started airing (Tough some stations kicked it off early with a season 13/14 rerun where the eventual spinoff's slot would be)


The block is segmented into 2 half hour episodes (Occasionaly with a season 10/11 episode inbetween if an extra 11 minutes are needed) of both series. New footage accompanies the show with Barney (And sometimes the other dinosaurs) hosting at the treehouse. Around the third year of the block it was slightly rethemed with an extra 30 minutes added as well as a new show,"Mr Street's Workshop" (A orginal show by the team who produced the spinoff) Along with new footage being filmed with Barney and Mr Street (The host of the orginal show)

Series Broadcast in the blockEdit

Barney & Friends (Seasons 13-15)

Our Special Friend Barney (Seasons 1-2) (Orginally followed BAF but was pushed foward as the closing show after the retheme)

Mr Street's Workshop (Seasons 1-present)

Special BroadcastsEdit

Along with aring during mid mornings,There have been a few times where the block has offered a primetime event to stations showcasing the home videos.

These videos (In order) Are

Barney's Stu-u-u-pendous Birthday

A Book Full Of Memories

Barney Live! The Search For The Barney Bag

A Very Merry Christmas (First year and second year only)

Let's Go Places

Mr Street's Adventures At:The Camp Site

Barney's Night Before Christmas

Mr Street's Adventures At:The Holiday Cabin

Dreaming Up A Job

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