• Huge barney fan

    As you know we've been hit with a massive spammer........................

    I'd like to say I can magically fix it but.........I can't

    We're super understaffed meaning that I'm the only one who can fix a majority of this but the sheer volume of it is a bit to much on my plate 

    I brought a second admin on board and I'll try to arrange a day for me to fully fix the site but.........Every progress I make gets multiplied by the spammer returning on a new IP the next day 

    I'm going to have to hire more people but since I can't currently.......I aplogize for the slow progress on getting the site back to normal 

    Best regards 

    - Huge Barney Fan/Mario555227

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  • Huge barney fan

    Given the recent news about the show coming back why don't we have a fun little colaberation between Barney fans in this site? 

    To celebrate Barney's 2017 return I have decided to post a custom video filled with episodes that are pretty short (To conicide with the confirmed 10 minute episode lmit for the new show) but I can't do it alone 

    here's what to do to join the colab write a new episode of your show and send it my way to  (The theme of the video will be kindess and love for those wondering) 

    Here's the rules:

    It has to be YOUR show writing for others that you didn't create will be disqualfied 

    Keep it short to help with that think of a simple plot that can be resolved pretty quickly (But don't pull a Season 10 of co…

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  • Huge barney fan

    Attention CBP users

    September 30, 2014 by Huge barney fan

    I've noitced that there's been a userless spammer going around Nick's(big barney fan) articals

    Speaking for the other admins we unfourtinoutly can not stop the spammer (I blocked his IP and he keeps on comming back)

    I will advise that from now on please let the admins know next time it's our duty to kep the site clean you don't need to stress out about it

    so in other words if you see the posts from the spammer please alert me or Ethan or SonicHOG don't flip out over it (If you do want to flip out over it go ahead but we'll mock you behind your backs for it XD)


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