Given the recent news about the show coming back why don't we have a fun little colaberation between Barney fans in this site? 

To celebrate Barney's 2017 return I have decided to post a custom video filled with episodes that are pretty short (To conicide with the confirmed 10 minute episode lmit for the new show) but I can't do it alone 

here's what to do to join the colab write a new episode of your show and send it my way to  (The theme of the video will be kindess and love for those wondering) 

Here's the rules:

It has to be YOUR show writing for others that you didn't create will be disqualfied 

Keep it short to help with that think of a simple plot that can be resolved pretty quickly (But don't pull a Season 10 of course if  a plot only works for a 30 minute episode then just put it in your series) 

The episode has to be new shortened preexisting episodes will be disqualified 

And lastly have fun! 

Hope to get alot of entries and I'll see you guys soon! =)

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