What Makes You Happy? is the 12th episode of Season 16 of Barney & Friends.


The kids are excited for an assignment at school because they must bring in their favorite thing, show it to the class, and explain why they love it. Sabrina brings her bracelet, Jenna brings a drawing, Brandon brings his bug collection. Then Baby Bop and Riff show up. Baby Bop brings her tu-tu and Riff brings his trumpet.

Educational Theme: The Things We Like That Makes Us Special

Stories: None


  • Barney (Body: TBA) (Voice: TBA)
  • Baby Bop (Body: Lauren Mayeux) (Voice: Julie Johnson)
  • Riff (Body: Adam Brown) (Voice: Michaela Dietz)
  • Jenna
  • Sabrina
  • Brandon


  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. Shapes
  3. The Rainbow Song
  4. Twinkle, Little Lightning Bug
  5. Look at Me, I'm Dancing
  6. I Hear Music Everywhere
  7. Everyone is Special
  8. I Love You

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